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Monday, October 31, 2005

A good day today

Jason is having a good day today; he seems to have recovered from the most recent surgery (takes about 48 hours for the drugs to get out of his system). I read the Washington Post to him this morning and he has received calls from a good friend in California and from his girl friend in Orlando. Two friends visited this afternoon, Dan and Erin. Dan and he were roommates in Chicago when they decided to go into the Army together. Jason goes back to surgery next Thursday.

I am not sure who I have shared what information with but Jason sustained four major injuries when his convoy was attack while on patrol near Samara. The IED blasted through the armored humvee on the right side damaging the right side of Jason's face, shredding his right arm which was amputated, shrapnel broke his left arm in several places and large piece of Shrapnel went through both buttocks and lower intestinal area.

Although he has made progress, he will probably be in the hospital for 4 to 8 weeks and then he will remain at Walter Reed in an apartment until April or May (very loose estimate).

In summary, doctors have rebuilt the right side of Jason's face and repositioned the eye. They right eye is still swelled shut and we do not know how much sight he will regain from this eye. His left eye has some sight but is very limited. The right arm amputation which is just below the elbow has been sealed off. He will have future surgeries on this arm as doctors rebuild it to conform to a prosthesis. It will require about six months for the prosthesis to be fitted and for him to learn how to use it. The doctors have inserted metal plates in his left arm and it is expected heal such that he can use of it. However, they may have to operate again to remove the plates depending on the pain associated with them. His buttock wound seems to be healing well but they are not sure how functional the area will be. Given his inability to help himself (he cannot move in bed) and the trauma of the attack Jason is fearful of being left alone.

The good news is that Jason continues to progress but if will be slow and there are still questions about the extent to which he will recover.

Katy and I appreciate all the kind notes people have sent and their offers to help. We are saving these message and we will read them to Jason when he is up-to-it.

Some people have asked where cards might be sent. The following address should be good at least until the end of November. Thanks to Red Cross and other support groups and individuals Jason, Katy and I do not need anything at this point. As mentioned before, if you would like to give something to Jason frequent flyer miles or a contribution so his girl friend or sister can visit more often (Lisa is coordinating this) is appreciated. If you would like to visit Jason, please contact Lisa since she is coordinating his visits so you will have a nice visit and Katy and I can use the time to handle other demands.

Lisa can be reached at and 813.657.4497.

Jason's uncle Joe has created a blog space where you can get information about Jason so I don't need to send out massive emails and miss people who would like to check up on Jason's progress. The location is:

Again, thank you all for your support, prayers and kind thoughts.

Dow and Katy.

Dow Scott
Mologne House Hotel
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW, Bldg. 20
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001
Phone: 202 726.8700


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