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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Update-11/2/05: from Katy

Hello to all,

This was a very very busy day.
A friend of a friend of mine (Dolly P of the Quixote Center) Col Martha Turner an Air Force career nurse has been spending time with Jason. Martha was with Jason today for Physical Therapy (Jason got to 45 degrees before stopping) and Occupational Therapy. She is an angel sent to be with Jason. Jason trusts Martha and likes that she goes "nose to nose" with staff on his behalf. Jason was able to read Martha's nametag this morning before the RN put drops in his eyes. A Blessing.

In the afternoon, PT returned for another session of movements in bed. OT has given us exercises for Jason also. Jason has had both pain blocker epidurals removed from his shoulders, and is now down to only 2 IV bags: H2O and sodium and some kind of super antibiotic they keep going non stop. When he arrived the bags were doubled on the post plus the pain meds. Jason's cultures came back clean so the Meds no longer wear gowns when coming into the room. It is a blessing that for the most part Jason is free from pain. I have not heard him complain yet, except once after his bottom wounds were cleansed, done under anesthesia.

Jason is eating regular food and tonight we had chinese take-out: true American dinner. Jason ate some. We have to measure all food and drink for nutrition planning. They gave us a protein powder that we are to put into everything as tolerated by Jason. Right now favorites are gatorade and vanilla icecream.

Old neighbors from Blacksburg visited today and Dow and I got out for a walk.
We are reading a book by Dan Weber a sci-fi to him: his choice.


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