Captain Jason

The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Monday, October 31, 2005


Last week Jason had over 25 hours of major surgery, 12 hours to reconstruct his right face eye socket. After surgery he is loopy for about 36 hours because of the anethesia. During this time Jason is first hyper active then "he sleeps it off." This is dangerous time for him because this is when he vomits (side effect of the meds. This has happened twice) Today he was with it and had a good appetite, having his first drinks of milk and then a turkey subway. For dinner he had a mashed hamburger on bun, a teaspoon size bit at a time. He has no feeling on the right side of face(may be from injury or temp after surgery.)

Today PT put him on a "Stand up table" tilting and taking vitals every 10 degrees. His vitals showed stress at 45 degrees so than it was flat on his back! Jason is proud he did so well! Physical Therapy will visit 2X's a day during the week, once on weekend days.
A red cross volunteer brought aromatherapy and Jason said when he felt weak on the table Patrice placed under his nose and it "calmed me right down" Score one for alternative therapy. We have requested massage for his legs. OT should provide inhouse but if they don't then we will go outside.

Jason listened to his IPOD for the first time yesterday, we downloaded hours of his songs.
Today he is having his volunteer "Jason Friends" Jeff read a Sci-FI novel by Dan Weber. Hero is Honor Harrington. His best friend, in the Army in DC visits frequently.

Jason's MD was in today. Said the shrapnel wounds which must be debrided twice a week are closing very well. Dr. Golarz said that he hopes all will be healed in two weeks for these wounds.
This week MD's will check surgery in broken arm. If healing, will replace soft cast with traditional cast. Plastic surgeons say Jason's face reconstruction is healing well.
Prayers and healing energy are requested for Jason's eyesight.

A good day today

Jason is having a good day today; he seems to have recovered from the most recent surgery (takes about 48 hours for the drugs to get out of his system). I read the Washington Post to him this morning and he has received calls from a good friend in California and from his girl friend in Orlando. Two friends visited this afternoon, Dan and Erin. Dan and he were roommates in Chicago when they decided to go into the Army together. Jason goes back to surgery next Thursday.

I am not sure who I have shared what information with but Jason sustained four major injuries when his convoy was attack while on patrol near Samara. The IED blasted through the armored humvee on the right side damaging the right side of Jason's face, shredding his right arm which was amputated, shrapnel broke his left arm in several places and large piece of Shrapnel went through both buttocks and lower intestinal area.

Although he has made progress, he will probably be in the hospital for 4 to 8 weeks and then he will remain at Walter Reed in an apartment until April or May (very loose estimate).

In summary, doctors have rebuilt the right side of Jason's face and repositioned the eye. They right eye is still swelled shut and we do not know how much sight he will regain from this eye. His left eye has some sight but is very limited. The right arm amputation which is just below the elbow has been sealed off. He will have future surgeries on this arm as doctors rebuild it to conform to a prosthesis. It will require about six months for the prosthesis to be fitted and for him to learn how to use it. The doctors have inserted metal plates in his left arm and it is expected heal such that he can use of it. However, they may have to operate again to remove the plates depending on the pain associated with them. His buttock wound seems to be healing well but they are not sure how functional the area will be. Given his inability to help himself (he cannot move in bed) and the trauma of the attack Jason is fearful of being left alone.

The good news is that Jason continues to progress but if will be slow and there are still questions about the extent to which he will recover.

Katy and I appreciate all the kind notes people have sent and their offers to help. We are saving these message and we will read them to Jason when he is up-to-it.

Some people have asked where cards might be sent. The following address should be good at least until the end of November. Thanks to Red Cross and other support groups and individuals Jason, Katy and I do not need anything at this point. As mentioned before, if you would like to give something to Jason frequent flyer miles or a contribution so his girl friend or sister can visit more often (Lisa is coordinating this) is appreciated. If you would like to visit Jason, please contact Lisa since she is coordinating his visits so you will have a nice visit and Katy and I can use the time to handle other demands.

Lisa can be reached at and 813.657.4497.

Jason's uncle Joe has created a blog space where you can get information about Jason so I don't need to send out massive emails and miss people who would like to check up on Jason's progress. The location is:

Again, thank you all for your support, prayers and kind thoughts.

Dow and Katy.

Dow Scott
Mologne House Hotel
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
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Phone: 202 726.8700

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Scheduled for surgery

Athough it has been a bit of tough weekend, it ends on an up-note. Jason is in his room with Jodi and Dan watching a Bears game (Bears were winning the last time I checked). This afternoon is probably the best he has felt for the last several days and certainly his ability to communicate has greatly improved this afternoon. The swelling in his face has gone down enough so he can now see at of this right eye which is fantastic news.

Tomorrow Jason is schedule for two sets of surgery. The first is a cleaning and treatment of the Buddock, and the second is for this arms. They may close his right arm and it looks like the elbow will be saved. Second, they will place the pins in the left arm.

On Tuesday, they will do the face reconstruction. The surgeon feels like a good job will be done.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chat with Dow

Here are my notes from a few minutes ago:

Jason had a bad night last night. Hallucinations. Dow thinks it is sleep deprivation. He doesn't think Jason has slept since the "accident". Just the medically induced comma.

Surgery went well last night. Probably will save more than they thought they would. Don't know yet for certain.

Surgery last night was on the buttocks. Maybe facial surgery soon if the eye doctor says it is okay.

Physical Therapy came in had him sitting up. His feet were on the floor for a few minutes. The PT "growled" when he saw the size of Jason.

Jason is talking and interacting with people.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Jason has improved substantially today. He recognizes people and since morning when he was drifting in and out of reality. He can hold a conversation. His pain medications are very high and he still sees figures from movies like star wars but now he realizes that they are not real and I think he is amused by them.

Jason doctors (I have seen dozens of them literally today), say he is making good improvement. Jason insists, by the way, that he is involved in all conversations with medical staff. Tomorrow they are going to clean wounds and hopefully close the right arm. Although there is tremendous variation among patience he may be out patient in two to three weeks. However, he will still live on campus and will be treated everyday. These treatments will go for months.

Jason is thankful to be out of Iraq and is already making plans about what he wants to do when he recovers. I sure that his feels about the future will go up and down but with love and support of family and friends he will recover substantially physically and emotionally.

There was lots of good news today but I am sure there is going to be lots of pain and emotional stress as he recovers.

I am amaze that will all the suffering Jason is going through that he takes the time learn the name of each caregiver, establish a personal link with them and thanks them for helping him. For me this is true hero behavior.

Susan Jason got a cd player from the Red Cross today, it is a cheapy but things get stole here. I have bought him a i-pod with speakers and his friend said he could put cd on the ipod also. He does not have a tape player. I would not buy books or cd on tape. Yet if any of you have some that you like send it to him if you mind not getting it back. For other books let me see what he is interested in.

Take care all. Dow

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Prep for trip to Walter Reed

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jason’s wounds were cleaned in preparation for his trip. According to the Doctor his flesh looks healthy.

He arrived in the U.S. about 7:00 PM. Dan was able to see him. Dan said that he did not look as bad as he expected. He is stable and heavily sedated.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I just talk with Jason’s nurse. She said that he is stable and able to follow simple commands. He seems to be aware of his surrounding. Jodi should arrive in D.C. this morning. The Army is arranging for Katy, Lisa and my flights out. I should fly out this afternoon. Jason will go into surgery today to close his wounds.

I may have trouble communicating regularly once I leave for D.C.

Thank you all for nice emails and phone call. We appreciate your support.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

In Germany

At 5:00 PM I had an opportunity for a long talk with Jason’s nurse and then I had an opportunity to talk with the surgeon who had assessed his condition and cleaned his wounds. The good news is that although Jason is heavily sedated he is communicating through nods to the nurse’s questions. However, because he is heavily sedated he will remember nothing about his treatments and travels until they reduce the drug dosages. Nurse and Doctor assess him as stable, good blood pressure, heart rate is good, temperature is normal, there are no internal injuries and he has movement in all of his extremities.

The negative news is that he is on a ventilator (which the nurse says is normal for someone heavily injured). The Doctor said that there are three main injury areas. First, they amputate his arm below the elbow but if there is not enough soft tissue for a prosthesis they will be forced to amputate his arm above the elbow. They want to keep the elbow if at all possible. Second, some bones in his face seem to be crushed and it may require facial surgery. Although Jason has facial swelling and maybe some broken facial bones, according to the nurse the facial injury does not seem to be too bad, i.e., ears, nose, eyes, mouth and hair all intact. A specialist in this area will examine Jason tomorrow. Third major injury is to his both sides of his buttock. This injury required surgery in Iraq and will require more surgery. However, wound should heal. The only thing that seem worrisome to the nurse was that they still needed to give him blood which she immediate assured me was normal for extensive injuries.

I ask the Doctor directly about Jason’s overall condition and what kind of recovery that could be expected. He said that main concerns now were blood clots and infection but the Doctor said he is very unlikely to die. Second, that Jason could have a full recover but it will require one or two years of surgery and physical therapy.

Jason will be surgery tomorrow and we will have more information about his condition about noon central time. He if remains stable the Doctor intends to have him flown to Walter Reed hospital on Tuesday. They may keep Jason sedated until he arrives at Walter Reed. Katy, Lisa and I will meet Jason at Walter Reed later this week. If Jason stays at Walter Reed more then 30 days that will become his home military base. Once he is recovered enough to leave Walter Reed, Jason will go before the medical review board they will decide the extent of his disability and he will be referred to medical care at his home address for any further treatments (i.e., right now that is Chicago).

I will keep you posted. Katy and I have appreciated the notes and calls of support.


Iraq to Germany

I was on the phone early this morning trying to determine what Jason’s status was. They had very little information because he is still in transit. Jason is scheduled to land in Germany at 4:45 PM (German time) today which is just an hour from now Central Time. They said that it will be several hours before he is processed into the hospital and evaluated. He will be at Landstuhl Medial Center at least until Wednesday and possibly until Saturday (Those are the days that the two weekly flights are made to the U.S.). The average stay in Landstuhl is 5-6 days during which time they evaluate Jason, clean is bandages, perform any immediate surgery, and get him ready to travel to the U.S.

I think Jason was in a medical induced coma for the trip to Germany. I don’t know if they will keep him in the coma. He is currently list VSI (Very Serious Injury) which is civilian equivalent of critical condition.

Jason’s Aunt Judy and Uncle Stan are planning to visit him while he is in Germany. Landstuhl is about five hour drive from Brussels where they live.

I am hoping to get a more complete report on the seriousness of Jason’s injuries once they do the evaluation in Germany. I have not had any success getting the medical report from Iraq.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jason's Injuries

As most of you know Jason was badly hurt when a bomb exploded near or under his humvee. I have talk numerous people today and I am not sure who I have told what since I have been receiving information bits and pieces. What I have tried to do is summarize the information I have received and provide a time line below. I will send out an email once a day unless a major development occurs. If I am missing anyone on the email list please let me know.

Friday, October 14

A bomb exploded near or under Jason’s humvee causing sever injuries while he was on duty on Friday, Oct. 14, 2005. Other members of this unit were hurt or killed.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I received a call from the Army about 11:00 PM 8 hours after the incident. I was told he was critical condition; his right arm below the elbow had been amputated, he had laceration on right side of his face; he had abdomen and back injuries. He has been placed in a medical coma. I verified that the call was for real (Jason had warned us about hoaxes) and called Katy. Army casualty center is in Washington, D.C. and they are our link to Jason (1.888.331.9369). They have been very helpful and caring but there seems to be limited information coming out of the Army trauma center in Balad, Iraq were Jason was sent after the explosion.

I was told that the Army would provide a flight to either Germany or to the trauma center in the U.S for Katy, me and Lisa. They advise waiting tell Jason arrives in the U.S. because his stay in Germany seemed to be uncertain as to the length (4 to 7 days) and we are not sure of his condition.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I was told that Jason was entering surgery for his back at 12:30 AM; I later found out it was for the buttocks. He was out of surgery at approximately 9:00 AM. It was unclear if he was in surgery all of this time or what the extent of the injuries was.

I was told that they were flying him to Army trauma center in Landstuhl, Germany this evening. It is a 10 hour trip and he should arrive Sunday morning. This is good sign because he is in stable enough condition to be moved. Hopefully we will be able to arrange a phone call once he arrives. I am suppose to get a prognosis report when leaves Iraq / Kuwait (approximately 7:00 PM). Unfortunately, I just learned that the prognosis report will not be available for several more hours

Barb referred me to co-worker (Shane McDonald – 509.332.8123) who had recently spent 15 months working as a physical therapist in U.S. Military Hospital in Germany. He was able to give me a better perspective of what the recovery process would be like and how Jason would be treated by the Army. First, the Army pushes the wounded soldiers to get up and become active as soon as possible, even during their short stay in Germany they are immediately placed in physical therapy? They are typically reassessed and additional surgery is performed as necessary. Wounded solders are sent directly to a military hospital or trauma center depending on their injuries. I was told by the Army that Jason will more than likely go to D.C (i.e. Walter Reed) or Huston (Brooks). Shane says the care at these facilities is very good and they try keep them there as long as necessary. Once the immediate surgeries and other treatments are completed, Jason will probably be assigned to his base at Ft. Steward and have therapy there, additional surgeries as necessary and counseling. He will work at the base if is able. Jason will be given 30 day medical leave(s) to come home and he will receive treatment as necessary while he is here.

I hope to receive more information concerning the severity of Jason injuries. Katy, Lisa and I greatly appreciate the support we have received from our friends.