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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Friday, November 04, 2005

Update:11/4/05 by Katy

Hello to all,
Ginger Williams a friend from Chicago has come to stay through the weekend. She is staying with Jason at night so I can get to sleep and not worry about someone not responding to Jason's needs. Jason had a "hurry up and wait day" He was scheduled to have his bottom wounds cleaned today so NPO "nothing by mouth" at midnight last night. The morning passed and as the hospital is receiving wounded from Iraq almost every day, Jason is now lower in the que to get to the OR. About 15 hours after "no water" we got a call. The OR was overflowing, however, Dr. Golarz decided to "cleanse the wound in the room!" The RN's were astounded, nothing had been done like this before. An anxious intern came in and said, "We're going to give this a try, it might not work..." A true Blessing! the job was done in 30 minutes, no anesthetic (a dilaudid bolis), and Jason's wounds are quickly diminishing in size. I know the good medicals are the healing hands of a compassionate God who guides their care of Jason and his healing is a result of your good thoughts and many prayers.

A veterans group provides a steak dinner on Fridays. Jason couldn't eat his literal pound of flesh, so I bagged it into 5 bags left over. I thought this is the best tasting protein Jason will get!
The nutritionist is pushing the protein but the supplemenatl powder is hard to take. Jason didn't get any today as he was NPO till four when the procedure was over. Monday Jason will have the cast reset on his left arm. He is looking forward to it as he is complaining how heavy this one is. They will shorten it so he can do PT. Jason gets to about 45 degrees on the way to standing up, he is belted to a tilt table and they check vitals. No PT or OT today as he was waiting for surgery. We went through some donated books on tape and he chose some history and a couple of novels.

Jason is looking forward t0 a visit on Sat by friends from Chicago and the arrival of his aunt on Sunday. Aunt Suzie will stay the week to help us out. Jason is very busy during the day with OT and PT, by afternoon he is bushed. For dinner he ate the Chinese take out from earlier this week and of course has been "drinking the night away."

Please continue to pray for the healing of Jason's eyesight, the healing of the Post Traumatic Stress dreams, that Jason's future be filled with many options, and that his recovery be complete and full. We are thankful for all the generous gifts and care given to us by you our friends and family and the support staff here at WRAMC. The Family Assistance center said it has aided over4700 soldiers and 2000 families in the last two years. We are thankful for our accomodations-a two bedroom apartment on the hospital grounds.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katy - I just returned from the Call To Action conference. Wanted you to know that Jason was mentioned in the prayers of the faithful this morning at liturgy, so 3,000 people prayed for him. Know you were on the hearts of many CTA/WOC/YFN folks. Please don't hesitate to let us DC folks know what you need.
love, anice

Sunday, November 06, 2005 7:47:00 PM  

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