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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jason, Jason "Wither Goest Thou?"

It is Super Bowl Sunday, national holiday and the hospital was empty.

Jason wanted to sleep in so he asked that I come over at 9:30 prior to going to Mass at 11:00. When I arrived he was in conversation with Dr. Aquila about life, outpatient status and the Superbowl, the topic of the day, "Who are you rooting for?" was the common exchange amongst everyone Jason met today. Jason wound up receiving a tee shirt, hat and game program from the groups supporting the Superbowl party at the Mologne House. Jason decided not to come over but watched the game in his last night in #5833.

Afger Mass I returned to Jason's room to await the arrival of Dan and Lois Spoden. Dan and Lois come from about an hour and 1/2 away so when they were 45 minutes overdue, I begin to worry. They are never late for their visits. Jason was happy reading his book and taking/making text messages on his cell phone to various friends. I said, "Jason are you sure they know you are still in the hospital?" Jason assured me that he had talked to Dan on his cell and it was okay. I on the other hand began to get antsy. I decided to return to Mologne and check the voice mail there. Sure enough, Lois (who thought Jason had moved) and Dan (who thought he hadn't) were at the Mologne, kept calling our room and I missed their last call by minutes before they headed home. They had also tried to call Jason's cell phone which was out of kilter so Jason never knew they were trying to contact him! Before leaving Mologne I thought I would call and apologize about the mixup, I couldn't get them so I left a message. I started to head back to the hospital when the room phone rang was Lois and Dan saying they hadn't gotten far and would come back to take Jason out to a very late lunch. Jason hadn't eaten his lunch because he knew he was eating with Spodens while I ate his salad.

We decided to use Martha's van because it is more comfortable for Jason than the Spoden's car so we piled in and headed to Silver Spring. By now the Spodens only had time for lunch as Dan wanted to be home in time for the Superbowl. Jason was pushing for a new restaurant that he had found the day before when he went out with John-a Vietnamese that served Jason's very favorite soup he used to eat when he lived in San Francisco. In Vietnam it would be made with dog, of course, could be here too. Jason had to give up the idea as the Spoden's had a gift certificate for the Macaroni Grill and they had not eaten there before. They all had pasta and I had the lentil soup as my lunch was so big, I didn't want more. We talked of the Spoden teens, one is ready to go to college and one is just beginning to drive. We shared stories from our own beginning to drive days and the time went quickly by.

Jason shared his favorite driving story. He had just gotten his driver's permit or license, can't remember which. He and I were at a T corner (Main and Prices Fork for those who know Blacksburg VA) when the light turned orange. Jason was in the intersection to make a left. I told him, "Jason it is okay, finish the left." He hesitated and made the turn only to be pulled over immediately by a policeman all the age of 21, I swear. Jason, hesitantly told his story, but did include, "My mom told me to make the turn." I agreed with Jason and told the officer that I indeed had told him to make the left turn on the orange. The policeman did his checking in his car, came back and told Jason, "Jason you should always listen to your mom, but NOT when you are driving a car." I'll never forget it. Jason nor I got a ticket that day. Pays to tell the truth in Blacksburg Va. Since then I don't tell Jason how to drive a car 'cause I know he will have the "perfect comeback."

We left the Spoden's off and I headed out to buy Jason some body wash as I only have a fruity one at Mologne. I bought all kinds of stuff at the store and forgot...body wash. I will have to go back. When I returned to the hospital the game was started, so I packed up the room taking time off to watch the commercials but always seemed to miss the best ones. We watched the Mick Jagger 1/2 time show with him singing a song "we could have sung at the original superbowl 40 years ago." It looked like a great party for my home town as I was born in Detroit General Hospital in 1943. Detroit sure could use a boost as could the economy of all of Michigan. After the half time show I headed back to the room to relax and received a phone call from Dow, busy at work in Chicago on 2004 is never done.

Blessings on everyone and do pray as Jason moves from inpatient to outpatient that all goes well for him. Pray that all goes well as we meet with the eye and bone surgeons this week. Please pray for Jason's continued healing of mind, body and spirit.


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