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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday at Walter Reed

First I want to wish everyone a "Very Happy Groundhog Day" as Jason's grandfather Joseph Zatsick on my side was born and raised in Punxatawney PA. We still have relatives that live there or close by and we, not Jason, have visited the town. Sorry that Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow and we get 6 more weeks of winter.
Today was the regular routine for Jason, OT and PT, talking to Jodi on the phone, lunch, OT and PT again, order carry in pizza from Dominoes for dinner, watching a DVD of the TV program Shield at the end of the day when I left him.

I thought as we begin February(14 weeks after his Very Serious Wounding) I would give an "overview" of how Jason's healing is progressing and the continued healing that is needed.
1. Jason head is almost healed, a scab about an inch in diameter is all that remains at the very top of his head. He has a large scar under his chin (from helmet strap), healed but noticeable. The scar on his face next to his eye is noticeable. We have not been good at massaging and applying cream to his scars.
2. Jason is still using the medicated soaps each day on his face, his acne is better but is still present.
3. Jason's left arm is not progressing as far as his ability to do wrist rotation. I would say he has none. The orthos want to open his arm at the end of February, remove the excess bone and the plates that have held his bones in place.
4. Jason has had a lot of difficulty with his right prosthetic. This week they cut out the back of the arm for fit and to make it lighter. Jason did enjoy working with the "hook" attached today as it was the first time he wore it in his room. The goal is to have Jason wear the prosthetic at least 4 hours and moving toward a goal of 8 hours a day. Jason trying to use the hook "grabbed the sideboard" of his bed and couldn't let go! All of the staff want him to hold hands, etc. This is very dangerous for them as Jason does not yet have full control and the hook closes with tremendous power and could actually break a finger. So Jason does not let people "hold hands." He spent at least 1/2 hour manipulating his lunch with the hook. Jason has been reluctant to wear the prosthetic because of all the problems but practice, practice, practice is needed. Pray that he is able to work with the great support given to him by the OT staff as he learns these new and very difficult skills.
5. Jason's hip flaxion continues to have problems. The orthos have created a 3 dimensional model of the excess bone and will meet with Jason and I next week to go over the surgery option to remove excess bone. It is close to the sciatica nerve. PT has assessed that Jason's ability has plateaued with what PT can offer at this time. Jason ability to move continues to improve. He can now get in and out of a chair by himself. He is able to walk more. Jason's strength is increasing weekly.
6. The ability for Jason to open his mouth is steadily improving under the exercises that Kyla has been doing. Basically she puts her hands on his bottom teeth and pushes/pulls down. Today Jason was able to eat a sandwich prepared by the hospital. He ate the two slices of bread, meat, and cheese slice as a sandwich. (Don't know how many fingers he can put in his mouth)
7. Jason will have "a smell sensation" not regularly but randomly. Jason can smell "unpleasant odors" His sense of taste has not returned. Jason ordered very hot chicken pieces and could not taste a thing. The only thing he can smell/taste is lemon and orange.
8. All of Jason's butt wounds have healed. His buttock area contains a number of pieces of shrapnel. They will work themselves out over time. His right leg is often more swollen in the morning. After he walks a while the swelling decreases.
9. Jason can put on his own t-shirt and shorts at this time. He has difficulty with socks and shoes and I am helping him with those. He cannot get to his right foot as he cannot bend the right knee. He is able to wash up in the shower by himself. I help prepare for the shower, towels and supplies.
10. The vision in Jason's right eye is minimal. The vision in his left eye is corrected for reading and Jason is busy reading up a storm and doing email, surfing the web, etc. Jason uses his long distance glasses for working on the computer. I have asked for a reading aide but Jason needs to be evaluated.
11. At this time, Jason's teeth have not been evaluated. Jason will need to request as many of the soldiers who have sustained injuries in a IED blast have seriously cracked teeth.
12. Please continue to pray for the healing of his digestive tract.

Jason will be meeting with the MD's to discuss eye surgery for the right eye, removal of bone in his hip area and left arm during February. Please continue to hold Jason's continued healing in your good thoughts and prayers. He turns 29 next Saturday, the 11 th. Please wish him the very best of good health and quality of life in the coming year. Pray that Jason continues to be positive and motivated to work hard toward full recovery.


Anonymous Jenny Barber said...

Hello Jason:
My name is Jenny and I work with Soldier's Angels. I have been assigned to write/email you on an ad hoc basis for this week only, but I promise you with all my heart that I & my family are here for you & your family in whatever we can for as long as we can. As a nurse, I totally know & understand what you are going through. My laptop is always close by so you can email me anytime & I'll be there for you.
Call me, I'll be there. Jen.

Friday, February 03, 2006 9:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason, my name is also Jason.

I'm praising God for the healing that has happened. After what you went through, you can still see! Amazing. Wonderful that God gave us two eyes, for times just like these. How dark it could have been!

I'm still praying for you. God has you here for a reason. Find it. Enjoy it. To his glory.

Sunday, February 05, 2006 4:36:00 PM  

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