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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Update 11/8/05 by Katy

Hello to all,
Jason stood upright today! He has PT every day. Today they sat him on the edge of the guerney, put his feet over the side and said, "Okay, here you go." Stood for a couple of minutes!
Dow and I both missed it, I was sleeping, (as I do the late evening shift) and Dow had to close out his classes so Aunt Sue is our witness!

Jason's vision in his left eye improves however the right eye has minimal vision. We are awaiting a miracle in our prayers for his vision. Please continue to pray for his complete healing including his eyesight. The loss of taste and smell may be from the injury or may be from the surgery we do not know. It may temporary or permanent, only time will tell.

Jason had time with PT today, OT and visits from his American Red Cross volunteer Patrice whom he enjoys. Jason has changed to be under the Rehab Team. So today they put his shoes on and kept them on all day-even when he was in bed. Trying to prevent his feet from turning under-happens when you are in bed too long and off your feet. Aunt Sue was massaging Jason's feet with cocoa butter because of dry skin. Jason appreciates such personal care. Dow shaves him in the morning. We are to do exercises with Jason's arms and legs to help with PT and OT. Jason is on two IV's one a salt/water solution and the other his antibiotic.

We appreciate your care, compassion, notes and care packages,
We can never say "thank you" enough,
May blessings be upon each of you and your families.
May all our soldiers come home safely and in peace,


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