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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Eagle Has Landed

Another beautiful day in winter, blue skies but even colder than yesterday.
Goodbye 5833, Hello Mologne 316

Today was "finish the moving day" from the hospital status "inpatient" to "outpatient" at Mologne but as Jason says, "With 4 surgeries to go; it is going to be in or out all spring." We got the discharge papers from MD Aquila at about 1 PM and the head nurse for the ward walked us through them. ( I disagreed with the 1 on 1 nursing report in the discharge papers, but I guess it is what the MD's write, not what the patient actually experienced). Jason and I then went to Dr. Garvey to be checked out for Jason's eye surgery. We spent about 1 1/2 hours with him. Jason came away with two more prescriptions: one for bifocals and one for "computer" use. The MD's will correct the right eye's movement by tightening the muscles. The surgery will not correct the vision. Do say a prayer that all goes well with Jason's eye surgery.

During OT the Roanoke Valley VA CBS affiliate taped an interview with Jason, focusing on his roots in Blacksburg and his experiences in Iraq. For OT Jason was photographed helping to make homemade pasta and meat sauce along with three other Iraqi War amputees. The segment will be on the web site for two weeks, so I will let everyone know when it is shown sometime next week. Joy Sutton, the reporter, is also interviewing two other "hometown" soldiers for the piece. She was with Jason for about one hour. The photographer does all the Virginia Tech games so he and Jason talked football.

Jason decided he wanted a Burger King for lunch and some chicken tenders. Walter Reed has a Burger King in the old hospital along with a barber shop, PX, post office etc. It is the only "name restaurant" on the campus. We had our hamburgers and Jason was so full, he skipped dinner. I went over to the mess hall and had a salad and an orange juice for dinner. I had to "take a break" from unpacking all the boxes.

Jason went through all the electronics returned to him from Iraq, while I under his supervision, went through boxes of gifts he has received since coming to WR and reduced it to three dresser drawers of clothes wearable in PT/OT. We hung his nice casuals for outings. Jason is sending some items to Lisa, some to Uncle Chuck Zatsick who is Jason's size, and some he gave to Mologne House for the "give away table" (people put all kinds of items on a table in the lobby for others to peruse, like a garage sale without cost) and when I went down later the clothes were all gone.

I am using Jason's computer to write the blog I had to snatch it away when he was taking a shower as he set it up and spent the evening "surfing the net" while mother did the heavy "sorting and organizing the room." It plays music while I type. These fancy computers; I had Jason turn it off as I can't concentrate on the blog and listen to Irish folk music. Jason is lying on the bed, reading a book and whistling to himself. We will see what kind of "roommates" we make. Blessings on each of you, please keep us in your good thoughts and prayers as we enter this part of the journey to Jason's recovery.


Anonymous Julia S. said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to write updates on Jason's recovery. I knew him two years ago for a brief time at Fort Stewart. I keep in touch with one of his friends now and heard about Jason's time in Iraq. I am so thankful that he is recovering and looking so well. Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 8:47:00 AM  

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