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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


Snail Mail:

Cpt. Jason Scott
WRAMC Building 20
Mologne House Hotel #316
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington DC 20307

Phone: 202 577 0092

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday in the City

We all slept in as Jason did not need to get up this morning. In fact as the morning worked out he skipped PT again... His choice. Lisa and I got there about 8:30 and it was time for Jason to take a shower while Lisa chased the Sunday Wash. Post, Jason enjoyed reading the Sunday comics. Jason began to read his latest Sci-fi novel and Lisa and I began to clean and pack his room. Not quite sure when he was going to Mologne, but we know it will be early this week. Lisa has been a Godsend as usual, the right woman to organize a move and with all the items Jason has received, it IS a move. We spent about 2 hours on the room and headed off to Liturgy in the WR chapel at 11.

After it was time to eat a quick lunch, Jason skipped his because he was talking to Jodi, and then discuss the rest of the day. Lisa was up for a trip to the Spy Museum, a video and having Jason go to Mologne to do a Pre-move sort of items there. She was to get one of the items. We headed off to the Spy Museum, only 4 years old and found that we were 0n a parking lot called Georgia Ave. Patrice called us on her cell to warn us because this is the start of the Chinese New Year and Georgia Ave. is at the Gate of Chinatown in DC. Plus we went by a DC center where we think the DC auto show was taking place. I think it took us close to an hour to go the five miles. Poor Jason was stiff by the time we got there. The museum held fascinating facts and history for Lisa and I but Jason has done so much reading in the area, he felt it didn't cover what he had learned about spying. Jason said it had good coverage of intelligence work, the kind Jodi and Dan do-that is look at gathered data and interpret/analyze what they see. I recommend it for the "spy buffs" out there, but definitely not for young children. It is historical and takes a lot of reading time. I learned George Washington "could not tell a lie," but ran a very excellent spy ring according to the British. Julia Child and Edgar Allen Poe were spies. Mata Hara was executed even though she was very incompetent as a spy! They have a very neat store but we had no time to shop as Jason needed to get back to the hospital for a check in.

Jason met a new patient via one of the RN's who asked if we wouldn't mind picking up steak dinners from the Outback Steakhouse about 10 miles N on Georgia Ave. He was injured in an Iraqi jail break a while back and came to WR because of nerve damage in his leg. We had never been to this restaurant and I was afraid that we would get lost as we went and went and went out of the city. Stopped twice to check directions, first time "no idea," but the second time at a 7-11 a customer, obviously a regular, at Outback knew exactly where it was.
We ordered our dinners; two steaks for Lisa and Jason and "two to go." It was so good to be with Jason and Lisa and we chatted about the day and what we had seen and Lisa's family. We dropped Jason off at the front door of WR with Lisa taking the dinners up to the sergeant and his wife.

My heart stopped:
When I was walking Jason back today; soldiers and gurneys were in the lobby. We asked what was happening and "we're expecting soldiers" was the answer. My heart clenched as the bus drove up and began to unload the soldiers, Lisa waiting in the car told us what she saw. Jason and I saw the last two soldiers come into the building. The scene brought the first moments of my arrival at Jason's bedside back into my feelings as I watched the family member meet her own soldier. Jason said, "This is what is was like for Dan when I arrived by ambulance." I was overwhelmed and later when alone I cried again asking God to bless these soldiers and their families. May God be with them all and hold them close in a holy healing embrace. May God hold Jason close in a holy, healing embrace.

Request for prayer:
My brother Chuck (69) is in Atlanta awaiting a possible angioplasty or surgery tomorrow. Please pray for his heart health and his health. He has never been married, no children so he is alone this evening and during this procedure.

From Lisa:

When the doctor came in for a check on how things were going, Jason said all was fine and made mention of how he was just waiting for the appointments to come that involve his future surgeries. In a week he will be meeting with the eye surgeon to reposition the eye for cosmetic purposes. And the end of the month will be with the arm surgeon to discuss the surgery for the left arm. Remember that the bones were healing together not allowing for full range of motion. He has about a month before they decide to do surgery to break apart these bones.

After Jason was turned down to attend the State of the Union Address, my mom contacted Rep. Jan Shakowsky and Sen. Dick Durban of Illinois. They are working together to get Jason a seat that night. So if you are watching, look for Jason in the gallery!

I asked Jason what he wants to do while he is here and he said he would see what comes up. So if anyone sees anything fun/interesting to do while in DC, send my mom an email or give Jason a call.


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