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Monday, January 30, 2006

Jason and Mom Select a Book to Read

This was a perfect spring day in DC except it IS supposed to be January.
The sky was blue and near 60 degrees, I believe, with sunshine all around till late in the afternoon.
Today was a busy day for Jason and I.

Lisa was to leave at 11:30 so she spent her morning with Jason in PT and OT while I attended the mandatory family meeting here at Mologne for "role taking." The sergeant said he revoked twelve orders last week because persons did not come to the meeting and sign in the "role call sheet." I am paid $61 a day to cover food costs while at Jason's bedside. After Jason moves to the Mologne House this week, I will become the
"non medical attendant" because Jason needs help with the Activities of Daily Living and is facing more surgery.

OT was interesting and a challenge for Jason as John threw dried(not cooked) macaroni on the floor. Jason wearing his prosthetic arm had to sweep the mess up. Jason did a good job sweeping according to Lisa. John would like Jason to wear the prosthetic arm longer each day working up to 8 hours. In PT Kyla was off so Jason ran his own program of workout-bridges for his glutes, crunches, leg lifts, and oblique workout.

After Jason ate a little lunch and read his latest novel. We were both busy chasing items he needs to be in full dress uniform for the State of the Union message on Tuesday. Jason said, "This is an historical event as the Constitution requires the President to give this report each year and I would like to be there." Thanks to Rep. Jan Shakowsky from IL Jason will be able to attend. WR will provide the transportation for Jason and, I understand, a couple of more soldier patients to attend the President's speech. Look for Jason in the gallery of Congress. They have to leave WR at 4:30 and the speech doesn't start until 9 PM. Jason understands that he won't be back till around 11:30. (Makes for a long evening for a soldier patient with wounded buttocks. I hope he can do it, he doesn't have any bottom padding!) My understanding is Jason will go to Jan's office and wait there until 8PM when the doors open for seating. Each member of Congress is given only one ticket so Jason is very specially blessed to be chosen to attend. Today, Jason received his badges and insignia from Ft. Stewart sent by a soldier friend Spence Burnett. He also received his dress greens from Chicago from his dad. Tomorrow, Jason should get his shoes and dress shirt from FL so literally, the "pieces of his uniform are coming together." The paperwork has not been processed so Jason will not be able to wear his Purple heart as it has not yet been presented to him.

Jason decided to skip afternoon PT/OT and walk to Silver Spring of which he says "I like to walk." I marvel at Jason's being here and being able to walk; it feels so good to greet him as he comes N on Georgia Ave. I drove the van and parked in Silver Spring then walked S and met him. Jason timed himself and made the walk in 45 minutes and is thinking about how he can walk the "round trip." As we walked to SS we planned the outing, both Jason and I are MBTI Perceivers, that is we like to hang loose and just let it happen. But eventually, one does have to plan so:

1. We checked out the movies and Jason has seen almost all of them. Big Momma 2 fit our time schedule so in we went and both of us wound up laughing out loud. Jason liked the part where Big Momma gets the chiwouwa (sp) drunk on tequila. I liked the part where Big Momma was____in Ten on the beach. What a spoof.
2. Then it was into Borders to decide on a "joint book" to read. Lisa had been talking about Jason and I being roommates and how was that going to work? I thought a common activity could be to read a book and discuss it. We flipped a coin and Jason won with "See No Evil" the story of the agent, Robert Baer "which suggested the movie "Syriana" " As I always read the book ending first to see if I would like it; Baer ends his book with, "Shouldn't we be pulling from the roots the people who hit us on September 11 rather than going after the Gulf's bogeyman? It seems to me it's always the evil we refuse to see that does us the greatest harm." afterwards, September 10, 2002.
3. We ate at the Noodle Bowl, Jason says their portions are the right size. He had noodles and steak and a soda. Jason couldn't taste my root beer, but said he could smell the city smells as he walked up Georgia and they weren't pleasant. So I am not sure what that indicates for his nerves and senses.
4. Finally Jason couldn't resist a sale of movies at Hollywood, 3 for $25, sorry can't tell you the movies names. But one was about "Mr Smith"

We really had a nice time together this afternoon. Let us be thankful for walking, eating, laughing at a funny movie, reading good books and sharing the warm days together. Truly a blessing and may you be blessed this day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,
We received a posting from Soldiers' Angels today and we're just starting to get to know your story. There is a young man from Grass Valley, who was injured in Afghanistan, named Noah either right next door or very close to you. We have been communicating with him & his family.

Jason, we want you to know that we are thinking about you and are sending positive energy your way so you can get up, do your exercises and heal quickly and well. We know it's very hard work.
There are a lot of good people across this great nation pulling for you. Keep working for yourself - there's a big world out there waiting just for you.
Our best wishes to you and your Mom Katy,
Cyndy and Dave Aldous
Grass Valley, CA Angels

Friday, February 03, 2006 8:52:00 PM  
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