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Monday, March 06, 2006

MD Appointments

Jason started the morning with an appointment with Dr. Frisch who checked the surgery wound, declared it "looks good" and said Jason could take a shower for the first time in the week. The wound was swollen but not infected so the Doc said, "Take care of it; come in at the sign of fever, infection, etc." He expects Jason to participate in PT to the maximum possible. He was pleased that Jason went to PT on the weekend.

After the meeting with Dr. Frisch Jason met with Dr. Golarz who wants to begin testing for the potential surgery on Jason's digestive tract. The tests will be done under general anesthetic. Dr .Golarz was the head of Jason's team when he arrived at WR in October. Golarz as usual had a good story to tell this time about his trip to Hawaii where it rained "monsoon style" every day. He had gone with his brother to take a hike up a volcano. Dr. G said Hawaii still was absolutely beautiful but he saw no sun until he touched down in DC yesterday!

After the meetings with the Docs, Jason called Jodi and spoke with her while I prepared to go out of town later this week. After Jodi's call Jason headed for PT because he missed the morning session. In PT they worked out and did stretches and strengthening for his right thigh and buttocks. After he finished PT Jason took a phone call and participated in a phone interview with Un. of Florida admissions staff. They said he would hear from the decision committee within a week. They had Jason walk them through his resume, asked why did he wanted to attend U of F and what did Jason plan to do after he completed his degree in business.

After the interview, Jason decided to take a nap and slept from about 3:30 to 6 PM. I headed to WR to drop off paperwork, then to the Post Fitness center. I had asked Dr. Golarz's RN to take my blood pressure and it was high. So change of diet, trying to stay away from salt and "comfort foods" and increase my exercise time. I spent an hour in the gym first on the stairstep, then weight machines and finally ab work and stretches. Jason wanted me to go to a local Caribbean restaurant and bring him back steak and rice so we had carry in tonight. After Jason asked if I wanted to see the "Wedding Crashers" which I had never seen so we watched it together until nine and Jodi's evening call.

Blessings on you all,
May you have a good nights rest.


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