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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Post Scripts Monday 2/27/06

I thought I would continue the blog entry for Monday
because I couldn't leave these items out:

1. Jason and Dennis did go to Zola's where salad+entre+dessert are $28. Their combined bill was $150. "Why?" you ask; the remaining dollars being spent on the "Spirit of Bacchus, the nectar of the grape." Dennis is a wine connoisseur and Jason is learning. The two celebrated Mardi Gras together in the New Orleans tradition-food and wine. Jason loved his dessert of flan which included orange rind dipped in dark chocolate. Dennis had baked Alaska.

2. As usual I headed to the "restaurant room" to watch TV while Jason talked to Jodi. I was the only person present, I wasn't eating (I swear) but writing notes very quietly. In my peripheral vision I spy movement: a mouse heading to a morsel dropped by someone on the floor 2 tables away. He/she grabs the morsel I exclaim, "Oh" and she/he skips/jumps, tail held high, like a flash and dashes under the really big screen TV. I thought "AH, Ha, another patron and forbidden food." But cute, really cute. I go back to my writing and again from a different corner of the room comes another mouse. Now field mice are not large, but this little guy/girl must have just left the nest; it could not have been over 2" not counting the tail which was very long. Now this is totally, really over the top, cute. The mouse picks up another morsel and hightails it back to the wall and into....

In the natural beauty and grace of mice,
Our Creator wants to show the wonder of the universe
hidden from most
those who are present
to watch
in wonder and in gratitude
at creatures small but able to lift the spirit.
God calling not to forget
but to join in the Dance of Creation once again,

especially after a really crummy day.

Blessings and may you enjoy "small wonders" tomorrow
where ever you dance.


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