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Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Restful Saturday

Jason slept in this Saturday morning until about 9 AM. I went down to the restaurant and got him a bagel and cream cheese then headed upstairs to find him watching a Adam Sandler movie 51 First Dates. Jason had seen it before I had not, it reminded me of the Groundhog Day with Eddie Murphy. Dow called and checked with Jason to see how things were going. He was in NM for a conference before flying back to Chicago today. Dow said he watched the cranes migrate North on his hike in the mountains.

We headed to PT on the fifth floor, weekend staff are different folks, but they know Jason well because of his length of stay. PT's Jason(too) and Solomon stretched and stretched Jason again on the right thigh and leg. I promised to bring them the model of the HO in Jason's hip and Jason too said he would really like to see it.

The PT's had lots of patients this morning so they kept switching off to stretch Jason. One of the patients, a young woman 21 I have written about before made the decision to have her second leg amputated below the knee two weeks ago; the diagnosis for her to use the leg without pain was not good. Today was a "yes" day as they put on her left prosthetic and she stood from her wheel chair and walked between the walking bars! Both Mom and Dad saw her walk again as the family snapped pictures and she cried a little. As I have said, "It is more a delight to see our adult children do an action we took for granted until their injuries than it was when they first did it as babies." It is the second gift of their lives we cherish so much and remember always how close we came to losing them on a battlefield so far away.

I asked Jason if he wanted to stay at the dining hall and eat lunch, he declined "I am not hungry" and said that I could. I went to Family Assistance and used their computer to weed out my 500+ emails, I didn't finish them. I headed toward the dining hall; ate and collected a variety of drinks and ice cream for Jason, that is what he asked for and headed back to Mologne. When I returned Jason said he had said, "No thanks" to Katherine who wanted to bring us dinner and possibly movie. Jason rolled over and fell asleep. I think the best thing for him during this first week after major surgery is to sleep when he is tired.

I have been at Walter Reed for almost 5 months. Before coming I worked out regularly but being at Jason's bedside or helping with whatever has kept me from any regular exercise. I have averaged one weekly walk to Silver Spring a week and one walk around the track outside of Mologne. I decided that today, really cold wind blowing with bright blue sky, was not a day to go walking so I headed for the fitness center here on campus. Had about 10 soldiers or civilians working out. First I headed for the stair stepper but could not get it to register my heart rate which I was fearful for after eating the fried foods from the mess hall and salty food from the restaurants. We do not cook with salt at home nor fry anything. I sat down on one machine and thought this is the hardest machine I have ever tried. It was one of those you lift weights by a bar above the head. I took another look at the "how to" on the machine. "Good Grief, Charlene Brown" I was sitting on the maching backwards! Made it a whole lot easier sitting on it the right way. Worked out for about an hour and headed back to Jason's.

Jason said he just woke up and was watching the Titantic and "Whose wedding is it anyway," a tv reality wedding planner show. Jason had skipped lunch so he is sending me out into the cold to the closest Chinese restaurant for carry in. Such is the duty of the non-medical assistant. Jason had sweet and sour chicken and I had fried rice for dinner. When I got back Jason was watching a movie based on a Stephen King novel. I got sick to my stomach as I have always refused to watch them for the amount of violence in King's books and movies. It reminds me to ask Jason about the movie he is watching and leave if I have to. Jodi called from her weekend with the National Guard and she and Jason talked frequently throughout the evening.

About 8 I left as Jodi and Jason were talking again. When Jodi calls Jason turns off the TV and I try to leave to give them privacy. I went to the restaurant, I was the only person in the dining area, and watched big screen TV. First I watched the Woolly Mammoth on the Discovery channel and then watched Jon Stewart being interviewed by Larry King. At times I couldn't decide who was being interviewed by whom. I returned at 10 finding Jason watching boxing on Showtime. It reminded me of the 50's when we would visit my uncle's who loved to watch the "Saturday Night Fights." Then it was black and white, today color. Jason was impressed by the fighter from Wales. And that is the "news that is the news" from Mologne House at Walter Reed on a restful Saturday. Good Night, and Good Luck.

Please pray for Jason's healing as he will be meeting with the surgeons to discuss his future surgeries on Monday. Please hold Jason's digestive system, his arm, and his eye in your prayers and good thoughts.


Blogger Papa Ray said...

Katy your a sweetheart!!

I can't help thinking of my Mom when I read of your thoughts, love and insight into the challenges that God has laid before you and your family.

I was in W. Reed in late 69 and early 70, released after almost 5 months to take a long tiresome but welcome bus trip back to my Wonderful West Texas.

But before that happened, my Mom made the same trip on maybe the same old bus. She spent almost all of those months by my side, giving me the words that helped me come back to the world of the living. Her positive heart felt love, concern and attention to me made all the difference.

My Dad and I talked on the phone but not much as we were poor and big phone bills were not in the budget, plus he was a long haul trucker and was on the road and on the clock. He wanted to be there, but we lived so close to the line of poverty that any time lost would have been too much.

Anyway, My prayers and my admiration for you and your family are boundless.

Tell the Capt. an ol' grunt said hello and to keep plugging and keep the faith.

His Mission has changed, but I still say...

Continue the Mission.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Saturday, March 04, 2006 10:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katy....thanks for all the info you give about your life, your Jason and such a great testimony of your faith. Our prayers are always with you all and the others at WR. Dorothy Franks, E. Texas

Sunday, March 05, 2006 2:35:00 AM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers for Jason.

I am glad the blog touches your memories gently.


Thank you for your notes in the mail and your prayers. It is good to "Meet you in cyberspace" which permits you and I to enter the circle of Love created by faith.


Sunday, March 05, 2006 10:30:00 PM  

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