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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Out to the Movies and Dinner before Tuesday Surgery

It was bitter cold this morning, sunny and bright but a cruel icy wind blowing. Jason rested this morning after his morning bagel and cream cheese while Dennis and I attended 11:00 mass at Walter Reed's third floor chapel. Less than ten persons attended, the smallest group since I have gone to the chapel for Sunday liturgy. Lent will begin this week on Wednesday.

We returned to the room and "surfed the web" to find the local movies. Dennis and Jason did not like the choices, but finally decided on "Good Night, Good Luck" a nominee for Best Picture. Dennis had seen the movie but said he was willing to watch it again. I remember watching some of the actual hearings on TV, I would have been 10 in 1953. So off we went to a movie theatre called the Uptown on Connecticut Ave in a neighborhood called Cleveland Park. We parked our cars on a side street and looked for a restaurant near the theatre that we all would enjoy.

Jason decided on a Greek restaurant, named Yannis. Excellent choice. Jason and Dennis immediately ordered the burned cheese "Saganaki." Dennis was disappointed as the cheese was not set on fire at tableside as is done in his favorite Greek restaurant in Chicago. Here the ceiling was only inches above Jason's head, we think we would have a fire hazard deluxe had they lit the cheese by the table. The restaurant sat less than 50 people, a small cozy, brightly lit room with the Greek owners serving the food. I ordered my favorite, lemon rice soup. I was disappointed that it did not have rice, but rice-shaped pasta, first time I tasted it made this way. I forgave the cook for the lemony chicken broth was out of this world. Dennis tried a Greek platter and Jason ordered the gyro. We all loved the bread.

Off we went to the show and I thoroughly enjoyed the time in "McCarthy land" so eerily addressing the issues of our own times. Jason didn't have any comments. I was impressed with the age and dress of the secretaries, the constant smoking, the all white/all men news room. Most importantly I was impressed with the courage of Edward R. Morrow and the President of CBS to address the "commie witch hunt" of Sen. McCarthy. I hope it does win the Oscar for best picture. Dennis apologized because McCarthy is a graduate of his own Alma Mater, Marquette University in Milwaukee WI. After the movie Dennis headed off to visit with friends who live on Capital Hill, Jason to Mologne to rest and I to Whole Foods for food and necessaties for the week.

We watched TV for a while and I headed to watch the Olympics in the "restaurant room" and Jason talked to Jodi. When I came back we both finished with the Closing of the Olympics, almost as enjoyable as the beginning for me and turned off the lights as tomorrow we face a day of "pre-op."

Please keep Jason's surgery in your good thoughts and prayers. Imagine him running and walking easily after the healing is done. Blessings, "Good Night, and Good Luck."


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