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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Quiet Sunday after Surgery

Dow got up a little after 8 AM and took the early shift with Jason. I assume Dow will have breakfast at the mess hall, get a Washington Post and have a read as Jason told his dad, "Don't come too early tomorrow." I stayed at Mologne for breakfast talked with a family member after. After completion of mass I headed up to Jason's and found his dad reading the paper and Jason talking on the phone to Jodi.

Jason had a calmer night, using the bolis less. His digestive system is now working as is his urinary system. His left hand had been swollen after the surgery as everything was going through it. Today the swelling was reduced. The scar and post operative surgery blisters can be clearly seen on his left arm now. The MD's however are still not allowing solids, "keep resting the surgery sites." Jason has been on liquids since Thursday at 2 PM. Today Jason did 5 complete circuits of the 6th floor. His RN said, "Walk,walk,walk," that is Jason's physical therapy for now.

Jason is still uncomfortable but was willing to get up and down from the bed; but very, very gently. Jason is now on Zantac, anti-acid, he can't tell if being bothered by acid stomach is from not eating, drinking sodas, or juices only. The dilaudid should be removed on Monday and probably the IV also. The MD's don't like the narcotics for longer than three days-limit before addiction. Jason will probably be put on percocet then for pain. The IV antibiotic has been stopped and the saline solution is at a very slow drip, still in "just in case they need it." Remember, if a leakage of the bowel were to happen it would be in this coming couple of days.

Dow went out for pre-made jello and the strongest tasting bouillon he could find. Jason doesn't like the hospital bouillon nor the jello. So he now has "Kool-aide"Jello in red and blue. While Dow was gone, I read a little of the Washington Post to Jason and went to lunch.

I had lunch with the "Guv" a retired military aide to the Family Assistance Office. He likes to visit with families. No one knows his role except to report the needs of family members to Dr. Wagner. He rode the shuttle in with me when I first arrived at WR, I do not think it was a coincidence. We chatted over my six months at WR and my "good times and bad times." He enjoyed the Washington Correspondents' dinner held last night and enjoyed Pres. Bush's spoof of himself with a "twin." We talked about the Closing of Fran O'Brien's (see below) and he said they are trying to find alternatives for the Friday night gathering. We discussed the group of protesters that are disrupting the funerals of gay soldiers with signs that read, "Thank God for IED's" which make me sick to my stomach (as it did Jennifer who is here filming.) The "Guv" said at 6 1/2 months at WR I could now consider myself "one of the Senior moms." A designation I would definitely rather not have.

When I got back Dow, Jason and I watched Casanova which was a lot cuter than its adds. It had a touch of Shakespeare with many switches in identity especially for Casanova. Dow and I took a 2.5 mile walk on the Mologne track, then he headed back to the hospital to watch another movie with Jason. I headed to Silver Spring to eat dinner and bring back some pasta for Dow.

Met with Ken, one of the parent's whose son lost both legs and much of his jaw. Neil's family has been doing "patient care" one month at a time. I became friends with Barbara Neil's mom. I knew that Ken was retired military and a strong supporter. Dow and he would have discussions about the draft. Ken was very much opposed as is Jason. Dow is for a draft and the military.
This morning Ken's tone was very different. "I think that maybe we should have a draft. I think that the Bush's daughters should have been drafted and sent to Iraq." We talked about the lack of visits to Walter Reed by any congressional members including our own states of MN and IL. There are lots of celebrities who visit, you read about them on Jason's blog, but they are NOT the decision makers who are deciding on going to war, supporting the war, or ending the war.

Mark, Captain Spence's friend (Jason's friend) is in Medical ICU here. A very nice surprise, Beth, Gracie's mother, has found Sunni and "both of their husbands are in the same unit of the Army." So Beth has been visiting with Sunni which makes me happy as I have been busy with Jason's surgery. Also both of them are staying at Fischer House, more for families, which makes it nice.

Fran O'Brien's
There has been a wonderful social and emotional support activity for wounded soldiers and their friends and families. I am going to mention the hotel because of the situation. The Hilton has hosted a special "Friday dinner" for families and soldiers and they have been provided the very best steak meal. (Jason had a carry out one night when he first arrived.) This has become one of the very best social supports for families and soldiers. For some reason, the Hilton has decided to close the event. My understanding is that this dinner has taken place in a private space, last Friday about 100 persons attended, soldiers eat free others pay $30. The Hilton is saying "No more private space, you must eat with the regular diners." Now we are talking seriously wounded; amputees, wheelchairs and others out of the hospital for the first time. Everyone involved with the program is devastated.

Let us pray and send good thoughts that Jason will continue to heal without infections. Let us pray for all patients and family members at WR, those who are short term and those who are long term. Today's Washington Post magazine had a special about chaplains that serve in the military, focusing on Iraq. Let us pray for all support persons of soldiers. Let us say a special prayer for Dow who celebrates his 55th birthday with Jason tomorrow.


Anonymous RipRip said...

Fran's is a separate restaurant that Hilton basically is kicking out, not renewing their lease. Hilton didn't hosted any thing.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 2:11:00 PM  
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