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Monday, April 24, 2006

A Weekend Away

Jason said, "I had a really good time." No glitches, no problems-health care wise.
  • went to a movie with Jodi
  • stayed up late
  • visited with Jodi's sister
  • visited with Jodi's friends
  • had a little rain but nothing could dampen his spirit about his time away
Jason came back relaxed and enthusiastic. Looking forward to 30 days of convalescence leave after he heals from Thursday's surgery.

I had a great time this weekend away from Walter Reed. My brother Charles and sister Connie joined me at Lisa and Charlie's to attend the First Communion of our grandson Jonathan. Saturday the boys had soccer games in the morning. We stayed home with Ellie and rested up from the short night before. I did not pick Connie up from the airport until close to midnight. We got dressed up to attend the liturgy at Nativity. Lisa was in charge of a reception after; we had cake and lemonade then headed for the party/dinner with extended family from Nativity parish. The families from about 7 communicants gathered together at a community center for the festivities.

The best part is that the parents hire a couple who do children's parties. So after our buffet dinner we had two hours of musical chairs, pass the hula-hoop, a conga line, the hokey pokey, and best fun of all "Who can wrap a friend like a mummy using toilet paper?" Aunt Connie and JC helped wrapped Jonathan and won the acclaim of everyone! He looked just like a mummy.

On Sunday we had a quiet day at home, a BBQ family picnic before Connie left for her home in Livonia, MI. Lisa and I attended the Broadway touring performance of "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Lisa was hoping for a drama because she is attending a bible study and they are studying Genesis. The music of Frank Lloyd Webber is so fun, the two hour musical seemed a only a few minutes long. Just picture the pharaoh being King-- Elvis. Played by a really good Elvis impersonator. He was "all shook up" over his dream. Joseph had his own cheerleaders.

Monday it was back to school for the three children, Uncle Chuck left for Georgia and Lisa and I began to get the house back in order. I leave for home on Tuesday plenty of time to help Jason prepare for his surgery on Thursday. Tuesday it was up early to clean house. I did feel good helping Lisa clean the floor; I swept she washed the tile floor, the basics of taking care of one's living space. A chore that I have not attended to for 6 plus months. There is something reassuringly normal about cleaning the house; such a contrast with living at MHH on an Army post.

Let us be ever thankful the "average day" and the "normal" of our lives. Let us be thankful for times with family and friends. Let us be thankful for all those who offer hospitality on our journey. Let us be thankful "for vacation trips" whether they be short or of longer duration. Let us hold the faces and experiences with our dearest ones in our hearts and always treasure them immersed in their beauty and the gift of life.


Blogger debthemom said...

found your blog when i was looking for sites on colostomy take-downs. i was touched by your journal. my son is named jason, too. hang in there, jason's mom,
love jason's mom, too

Friday, May 05, 2006 7:32:00 PM  

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