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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jason Sleeps In/Notes for the Week

Jason spent last evening with Dan, his college/Army friend, "We went to Outbacks" and came back about 10:30. This morning when I woke him, he said, "I really want to sleep longer" rolled over and slept till 10:00. He decided to skip PT/OT and read his latest novel "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" a sci-fi/ about alternative futures. About noon, "Where we going to eat lunch? Then I'll do the pre-op thing" I searched the web for some restaurants but couldn't entice Jason to try something different. He decided "to try the Westfield Mall. We'll see if they have a good restaurant."

The mall is a couple of miles up Georgia in Maryland so we can say, "We went out of state," for lunch. After lunch of Chinese noodles and chicken at the food court, Jason had to have his Starbucks of the day "Carmel light" iced latte. He decided to shop at Pacsun a "surfer type" shop for twentysomethings. Jason said that Jodi likes pirates, zombies and big cats. I found a tee with a skull and flowers on it. It reminded me of New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Jason said, "No Jodi likes the skull from pirates, not flowery skulls." I can't imagine finding clothes with pirate skulls on them except when the next pirate movie comes out. Anyway, Jason found a pair of shorts by "Element:wind, water, fire, earth" I really like the shorts Jason wears. They are surfer length with lots of pockets. They don't make them for women.

Jason also purchased a "find" from one of his favorite brands: Skin (from making leathers for bikers.) Jason had Lisa send him his belt with Skin as the buckle. The brown tee shirt had the company coat of arms "Skin Industries is the Original Lifestyle- Victorious in competition-Celebrated in Video-Glorified Around the World-Founded in the Year 1998 Not Imported. I said, "The shirt will look good with your new khaki colored shorts." "No, too much brown" was the reply.

We headed back to WR where I dropped Jason off at the front lobby to go to his pre-op and to pick up his prescriptions. Jason had to wait again for 2 hours before they pre-opped him. There really is a problem with that process. He stopped for his laxative, 2 bottles of saline phosphate. He said, "That stuff tastes gross: like salt." The Doc said he could have jello and liquids till midnight so I bought him yellow, orange and red jello; hope it lasts him the evening. Jason will have to report into the hospital by 9:30 AM on Friday and the surgery should begin at noon lasting till 2, aftercare probably till 4, so Jason should reach his hospital room by 5 PM.

I thought it is time for Jason to begin to look at the process of Med Board. After he returned from "waiting" I said I would head for dinner in the mess hall. I met Eric and his family having dinner. They will probably return home on Monday. Eric had a complication after this surgery and my heart breaks for him, his family and especially his beautiful daughter Gracie, age one. Beth his wife is looking very stressed with huge purple bags under her eyes.

I had sat down at a table with a soldier who has been here for a year. I asked David about the Med Board process and "God does provide for me" as he is at the end of the process and knows everything from a "soldier's going through the experience." He outlined the steps and what Jason needs to look out for before, during and after. David said that he has not heard of one soldier who has gotten through the process without having the paperwork lost. So...make multiple copies. I wished him well, David plans on returning to Mississippi and applying for a "job with the post office." He will have to drive to a VA facility 1 1/2 hours away from his home. He gave me his cell phone number and said, "Jason has any questions, give me a call." A very nice young man and I wish him well.

Earlier in the day I had spent an hour in the Fitness doing weights and stretches. After dinner I decided to do my 2.5 mile walk around the track. Here I met a young soldier who had been here 18 months. He was listening to his Ipod and zipping around the track on a arm powered 4 wheel bike as he had lost his right leg and had terrible scars on every limb. I just missed him turning the bike over, he said he "took a corner going about 18 miles and hour." He said that he stayed up all night (and I worried about PTSD.) Said when he first arrived he would go for a week at a time without sleep then crash for 24 hours. I thought him very unrealistic as he told me, "I plan to go to college, become a CEO. Don't plan on working hard, just telling other people to work." I was touched by his experiences and his wounding and offered him encouragement in his life's choices. The costs of war are great to body, mind and soul.

It was a perfect evening for a walk and tonight the squirrels were out and about big time. I must have seen at least ten as I walked in the "cool and the peace of the evening."

I have not been able to connect to the web and the blog so happenings from the last couple of days:

Jason received his prosthetic shoulder powered arm from prosthetics this week. I have not seem him wear it yet. While we were out, Jason said, "Wish I had worn my arm, would have helped me." I will take a picture for the blog as it Jason had prosthetics color it, using green food coloring in the carbon fiber as they created it. Jason says, "It is cool" and is proud of it.

I arrived back about 6 PM on Tuesday, unpacked etc. Jason received his evening call from Jodi and I headed down to the restaurant to read the newspaper. While I was there, I was again visited by the little mouse whom I had met earlier and have written about on the blog. He was now a little larger. He scampered around the floor, picked up his dinner and disappeared with his tail straight up in the air as before under the TV. I was happy to see him up and about, smiling I gave thanks to God for these smallest of creatures, living a full life, unseen and unappreciated as fellow beings in our environment. May God bless all of life and may we enjoy and protect such beautiful creatures of the earth; gifts to us.

On Wednesday during PT we met a director Mr. Terry Sanders President of the American Film Foundation (see web page). He has won two osiers, and is a producer who makes documentaries. Mr. Sanders said that he has been making movies for 50 years. The movie will explore and present medicine and health care from the battlefield to recovery. It is being filmed at WR and at Bethesda. The movie will be 100 minutes long and will be shown on PBS. Mr Sanders is also hoping it will be shown in theaters. Jason will be interviewed for the movie. He was being filmed during PT with Kyla. Ms. Jennifer Glos, assoc producer is a friend of Henry one of Jason's friends from Loyola University now in Hollywood and connected to the movie world. Henry told Jennifer about Jason as she was working on the project, Jennifer eyes teared as she told me of reading the blog and Jason's story as she has been touched by his journey.

Jason had PT and decided he would head with me to Silver Spring to eat lunch and see a movie. He had seen two movies by himself on Tuesday. Jason seems more energized and motivated to be up and about knowing he will have the colostomy reversed this week. He headed to Starbucks while I attended counseling and afterwards he and I ate at McGinty's a new Irish pub located by the theater. I had a Ceasar salad with roasted red pepper but skipped the anchovies on top. Jason had a hamburger with blue cheese dressing and the biggest serving of French fries I have ever seen. We headed to the show to see the new Walt Disney "The Wild" which for me was scary. I do not know how Disney can justify the level of in "children's" movies. It says a lot about cultural norms, values and why it is so acceptable as normal and "as the answer" in our personal, political and social lives.

Wednesday evening at Quixote Center, I attended the "goodbye and blessings" liturgy for Martha Turner who is moving this weekend to Minnesota. The circle for liturgy was full and we enjoyed stories of Quixote and Martha "what I remember is that I was lost and couldn't find my way to Quixote" was one of Martha's admissions. Martha and I were both thankful that she had told me about Quixote and what a blessing our association with it has been for both of us. I know that our leaving each other was "until we meet again" not a "Good-bye." We are sisters in faith and walk with the People of God. Martha said, "We will meet at Call to Action, the annual meeting of heretics." We smiled together; it is a blessing to work and pray for peace and justice; our journey of life, our path also known as the Way of Jesus. Martha will try to see Jason one more time before she leaves but it may not be possible as they will follow the moving van and be there when it arrives.

Discussion with nutritionist about surgery aftercare:
I see integrative medical center staff at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for my care in Chicago. I thought I would call my nutritionist for her input concerning "how to best get Jason's digestive system working after surgery." One of the problems is that pain medications usually constipate people and we assume Jason is no different. Judy's suggestions for Jason include:
  • yogurt to increase active flora in the digestive system
  • Vitamin C, buffered and a good multi-vitamin; fish oil with Omega fats as Jason does not like fish
  • cooked prunes and prune juice
  • at least 8 glasses of water a day, not distilled
  • lots of cooked fruits and cooked vegetables
  • stay away from beef and refined sugars
  • caffeine to stimulate bowel, green tea is best

Let us pray fro the success of Jason's surgery and his complete healing. Let us be thankful for the care our soldiers receive at Walter Reed and good people who document her/history so that the stories will not be lost. For God is a "lover and teller of stories" (Fr. Andrew Greeley and I agree) Let us be thankful for all the creatures in our lives, from squirrels to mice; all are miracles of life and an expression of God. Let us pray for all the families of Walter Reed patients and wounded soldiers that they will know of God's love because we reach out and care for them, holding them tenderly. Blessings on each of you, thank you for being here for Jason.


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