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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Uncle Bob Lincoln comes from CA

Jason continues to "walk up a storm" doing almost a mile this morning after PT and two more laps around the outside of WR this evening. This evening was a little bit blowy with rain coming down but we stayed dry on the 2nd floor veranda. Uncle Bob from CA walked with us as did Vera and Bill Sisolek who had come to pick Bob up. Dan also joined us bringing Jason's BDU's for his promotion ceremony on 12/1.

Bob arrived after PT this morning and helped Jason with lunch and going to OT while Dow and I did chores. I met Jason and Bob at OT where Bob was fascinated by the "computerized biofeedback" After OT Jason and Dad and Uncle Bob watched part of Anchorman. Jason said "It wasn't as funny as I remember the first time." Bob is a radiologist and asked Jason if he could see his xrays. I hope Bob will write a blog about them, Jason said that Bob was very impressed with the work done by the MD's. He also said that Jason was healing very well from very extensive wounds.

Jason was visited by a General from the 42nd ID and was given an Army coin. Dr. Todd visted when I was present and I asked him for his help on two areas. The faucet in Jason's room leaks and irritates Jason while he is trying to sleep. Also there is a locker in Jason's room that seemingly no staff person can unlock(It opens on the hall side and every day I schlep pillows and Jason's night boots outside the room, store them till needed and schlep them in at the end of the day.) I told Dr. Todd "If You can solve these insurmountable challenges (going on two weeks), I will indeed bow down before you." (and you all know me and authority figures, but I thought for my son....) He rolled his eyes and said "I can do anything but to move maintenance.....?" I thought I have pushed the poor man to his limits, he will never return and is probably ready to have me declared "officially dotty."

As you know I am a chaplain and today was a "kinda chaplain day" A young soldier very seriously injured was promoted to sargent today. His room is next to Jason's and his parents invited me to attend. Jason was at OT so I was glad I was able. He and his very young wife have a beautiful 11 month old girl named Grace and she is a grace to our floor. We all love her especially when she wears her "I am a princess shirt" and rides her dad's lap in the gurney chair. I went to OT and sat with a woman for a moment, I was drawn to her. She said all these young men were her "family." She began to tell me how she had lost both her husband and son in the Middle East. She wanted to go to Arlington but each day something intervened and tomorrow she returns to Europe. I listened to her story and offered to go with her. She declined and was glad we talked. I went to a family support group at the end of the day and offered support to others. A woman began to tell me about her teen daughters and how she had to return home, they had been staying with family and inappropriate behavior had taken place. She was going to pick them up and bring them back to WR where her husband is awaiting surgery on Monday. God bless of each of these patients and their families. Bless you for being with us on the journey. I am thankful for all the good people of America and the wonderful staff at Walter Reed.


Blogger Dennis said...

Katy, you are a "God presence" everywhere you go and to everyone you touch. You have found your niche, I believe. You are ordained by God, if not the men in pink (cardinels). Godspeed! And thanks for reminding me that anywhere and everywhere one can radiate Jesus' compassion and love.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 6:09:00 AM  

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