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Friday, November 25, 2005

update 11/25/05-Good news today

Hello to all, Hope everyone had a good day yesterday with family and friends round the table.
Jason is watching a tape of a Thai kickboxing event. One of his nurses, Zack, ex soldier is from Thailand and purchased the tape. Zack said he has never been to an event when he has gone home to visit but it is the national "sport" Guys are dressed like American boxers with gloves but are bare feet. You can kick anywhere you can reach.

Jason had a pretty Quiet day. Spent his morning in PT doing stretches etc. No walking.
After Patrice one of the American Red Cross volunteers stopped by to help out with lunch, Jason still cannot feet himself. He can now lift and move his left arm, still casted to scratch his head etc. Also now uses it to push food into his mouth as he still cannot open his jaw fully. His dad is using a "stretcher" every morning to help widen his bite.

At noon Bishop Emeritus Walter Sullivan from the Richmond Diocese made a visit. We had lived in his diocese from 1979 to 1996 and I had served on Diocesan commissions, etc. under his auspices. Jason said he remembered attending mass with Walter as presider. Bishop Sullivan is known as a Bishop of Peace and was Bishop President of Pax Christi for some time. Walter was surprised at Jason wanting to discuss Sharon and his leaving the Likud party. Being the bishop he was very political and sat on the fence on the issue. Sigh. But over lunch Dow, Patrice and Walter and I had a good discussion of "religion and politics" Walter gave Jason his blessing and said he would like to visit at Christmas when he returns to his sister's home near DC. After lunch we met Fr. Patrick Kenny and his sister Sr. Evelyn who returns home to Ireland this week. Seems like Walter and Fr. Pat are old buddies! Go figure, first time Walter ever visits WR and he finds a priest he knows. I figure my reputation in religous circles just went up a notch at Walter Reed. Can't hurt if I am friends with a Bishop. Sr. Evelyn assured me she and all her sisters would pray for Jason's healing!

After eating Jason was tired and with Patrice at his side, our afternoon adventure begins. Jason was to have OT at 2:30. OT had said now that we did not have an in apartment laundry, "Throw in a load in our washer/dryer" while Jason has OT. OT has a complete apartment called Ft. Independence in its area to help the amputees learn how to do the tasks of daily life. So I assumed that Jason was to arrive at 2:30. So Dow and I went to the apt/room gathered up our laundry and headed to OT.

I threw in the first load, started it and asked "Jason coming?" The OT said, "I'll call up there and see." I headed to 5831 thinking I could help with Jason....Jason is still in bed. Patrice says, "He was sleeping so I let him sleep and no one from the floor ever came to get him!" Jason is waking up and saying "I want a day off from OT." OT is happy because she gets to go home early. I am not because my laundry is in their washer! Now what. I run back down to OT. She says, "Lock the door behind you!" and heads off home. I can tell that the laundry is going to take a while so I wait till its done and decide to take back to Mologne house and try the dryer there! (I'll do it later, actually Dow is doing that right now) So I schlep the laundry up to Jason's room and find Dr. Golarz and team...

After Dr. Golarz tells his turkey story. He says "We are here to change the "butt vac" dressing." The butt vac had not worked since sometime last night! (by the way they are 22K a pop, about the size of a shoe box). Dr. G and his two cohorts do their thing with me outside. He calls me in and says "Voila! No Butt VAC! Dr. G says the wound is closing so well he thinks the dressing is now interfering with the healing!!! (thank you for all your prayers and good thoughts!) Dr. G will check and give it about a week or so. If necessary he will do the skin graft. The wound is about the size "between knuckle and end" of your thumb. Jason is flying high! The Butt Vac is off, cast on left arm to go soon! Jason says it feels so good not to have that on his tail bone (which was broken by the blast) and freed from feeling tied to the tube that drained the wound!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hallejujiah! Great news on Jason's healing. Bye-bye butt vac! We will keep up the prayers for continued progress.
Judy, Stan and Ben

Saturday, November 26, 2005 4:24:00 AM  

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