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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Update 11/8/05 by Katy-Part 2

Talking to Jason:
The head of rehab was in to see Jason while he was in Occupational Therapy.
They had a lively discussion on the over 200 different types of arm prothesis available.
One is available for swimmers. Jason was a water polo player as a teen and in college.
He was also on swim team. Well, the Rehab team was running with this. They have a coach for sports so that men and women who are using protheses can compete in an Olympics. In fact a female vet is preparing for the 2008 Para-Olympics. Jason had to slow them down a little, "I just stood up today!"

Jason also talked about a "titanium billy club" arm essentially.
I guess Dr. Cuz (head of Jason's rehab team) was sorta taken aback by the thought.
Jason said they did the electronic testing to see if he could use the "bionic arm" and he passed.
Jason said that prothesis looked difficult. Not sure exactly why-maybe the surgery necessary.
Most of the men wear the type of arm that is operated by the shoulder muscles.

Also there is a group that finances trips for the amputee Vets.
This spring they are heading for a trip to Aspen CO. in April.
Jason said "I couldn't ski with four limbs, I don't think I'll do better with three." He also can take one guest. I think Jason plans to enjoy the mountains from the inside of the ski lodge-not bad!

Dr G was in to clean Jason's buttocks wounds. He said the cleaning should be over in about 2 weeks: done twice a week, now in his room without anesthesia. Remember that Jason has a wound pump that pulls fluid and blood from the buttock wounds so that it can heal from the inside out. A sponge is set across the wound and the "vac"pulls the fluid away from the wound also stimulating tissue growth. But Jason is "bound to the vac." It is never turned off, like the IV bags on the pole. The ortho docs said Jason's new blue cast (he had a choice of blue, pink, white, black) on his left arm would most likely come off in 4 weeks. So...hopefully by Christmas Jason will be without these extra hinderances on his body and movement will be freer.


Blogger Dennis said...

Katy and Dow-
I see much improvement today, based on your reports! Imagine a prothesis for swimmers and 199 other types. That is amazing. But the real breakthrough was his standing up! He must have a keen sense of humor-- the comment about his skiing on 4 limbs versus 3-- and the real chance for R&R in Colorado at a ski lodge with a guest. Wonderful thing to look forward to. Also, the buttocks cleaning routine will be over just before Thanksgiving. Let's give thanks now for these incremental advances. We will see you sometime Friday, if our plans all fall together. We want to arrive in D.C. before 3 PM, then we will contact you and choose shifts. My best hours of the day are 6AM to Noon, Anne's from Noon to five. So do a plan that gets you out of the complex-- we will have a car--probably straight stick-- that you can share to and from Amanda's house on Fifth St, NE, near Union Station. We look forward to seeing you and Dow and meeting your soldier son-- on Veteran's Day! We keep praying for Jason, esp. for his eyesight.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005 10:26:00 PM  
Blogger Adelaide Rowe said...

Katy, enjoyed reading about Jason's progress - was uplifting. Chris Matthews on Hardball did an amazing special segment on the Vets skiing. They looked like they were having a wonderful time. Nice to read too that you are having more company to help you out.
Tell Jason how you spelled Ipod - he will think it is funny. Isn't it grand that his mind is working so well?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 12:26:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Katy and Dow,
What great news! I'm so happy to hear Jason can still make jokes. We are thrilled that he is improving so quickly. Ben is keen to see a bionic arm, he says you can actually feel with it because the bone grows over the titanium. COOL.
Please give a big hug to Jason for us. Sending all our love,
Judy, Stan and Ben

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 10:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katy and Dow:
Please know that my wife Judy and I are constantly keeping Jason, the two of you and the rest of your family in our prayers and hoping for the best possible outcome. Judy and I were fortunate to meet Jason several years ago when we went to see The Producers in Chicago with Jason and Dow. We were very impressed with Jason and enjoyed spending the evening with him. We hope that he and you will continue to see improvement.
Judy and Harvey Medress

Thursday, November 10, 2005 2:26:00 PM  

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