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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Captain Jason and Fleetwood Mac

What does Captain Jason have to do with Fleetwood Mac?
Well it is customary to have entertainment after a promotion ceremony, so....

Today even with a ceremony for promotion later in the day; no relief from PT, Jason was off this morning for his 4 times around the block, stretches, work to improve balance, etc with Uncle Bob and Dad in attendance. When they came back to the room it was time to prepare for the "Main Event" Jason was able to wear his BDU's and his tanker boots. We prepared by cutting almost all the 2nd LT bar from his collar so that it could be literally "torn from his BDU shirt" by the presenting officer. I felt like the "mother of the bride" but without any knowledge of what would happen at the ceremony!

Various folks took pictures so as soon as possible you will be able to get an idea of today. Imagine a family room with a large screen TV in the corner, a sink in the other, at one time it was a 4 bed ward (sign still outside of the room.) The wallpaper edging was coming undone so in preparation for the ceremony, one of the medics came in with a stapler and restapled it to the wall. (I just loved it, army ingenuity on the spot; reminded me of hospice improvisation "we will make it work"!) I was worried about food and had bothered the good Sgt Brown, to my chagrin, they provided a very nice spread which no one ate because the attendees all were "on the job and had to get back to work." Sigh! (Very different from hospice where we stay to eat till it is all gone!!!) Everyone assembled.

Colonel (Jason says soon to be general) William F. Grimsley did very nice introductions and pinned Jason. My hero Dr. "Go Bears" Golarz (Jason's head surgeon) read the orders as part of the ceremony. We didn't recognize him because he was in uniform-military not scrubs that is! Honored guests included three star LT General Raymond Odierno Assistant to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff. Saddam Hussein was captured under his command. General Odierno's own son lost his left arm in Iraq a year ago and spent time at Walter Reed and knew many of the medical staff who attended. He also attended Jason's ceremony. My heroes who attended are all the medical staff here at Walter Reed who have compassionately taken such marvelous care of Jason and who were able to attend (I hope their group picture makes it to the blog). Thanks to new friends Nan, Mike and Col Martha, and Col Andrew (both Air Force) Katie who also attended and Patrice who became the official photographer for the event.

So after the food was not eaten and everyone went back to work Jason took a walk around the block where we met Dr. Michael W (I am afraid to spell his last name for fear of getting it wrong) the head angel of Family Assistance who said, "Stevie Nick and Fleetwood Mac are here. Do you want a visit?" Jason said Sure so we headed back to the room to wait. Uncle Bob had wanted to wait but had to leave before they arrived at 8:00PM with a personal IPOD with music made especially for the soldiers by all kinds of musicians who I will name once Jason listens to the music and can identify them! We do have a polaroid picture as proof of their visit! Jason and I were both impressed with Stevie Nick "who is a real person" not put on at all. Throw away celebrity stereotypes.

Really a great day for Jason! Thanks for being on the journey with us. Tomorrow Jason will find out if he needs a skin graft, pray that he is healed and will not need surgery! Blessings.


Blogger Adelaide Rowe said...

How cool! Fleetwood Mac! How exciting for Jason! And congrats on his promotion! When Ian was promoted to Captain this August or September, we just got a phone call. How nice that you were there to see it! And such an adoring crowd!

Thursday, December 01, 2005 11:52:00 PM  
Blogger Aunt Barb said...

Wonderful day. Congratulations to Captain Jason. We are proud of you. Has Jason listened to Fleetwood Mac before? Aunt Barb

Friday, December 02, 2005 1:25:00 AM  

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