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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Friday/Saturday-Stevie Nicks was back

Hello to all, I was so busy yesterday that I did not get to write.
On Friday Jason really got a work out with stretches (Aunt PT Barbara I am sure you approve) in PT, the stretching continued today. Jason has a noticable limp on the right side. Everyone is saying it is from the scar tissue forming, nerves jambled, etc. During OT in the afternoon, Uncle Bob and I were present when Jason was visited by a group of dignitaries including: Lady Victoria Walker, wife of the British Chief of Staff; Lynne Pace wife of the Chairman of the US Joint Chief of Staff (Not sure of her title) and Sarah-Jane Gilchrist wife of British Defence Attache. Actually, the two women were from England and looking "at the state of the OT" here in the US to take back to England. John, Jason's OT, was presenting and because Jason was doing his "run the car through the maze" exercise via the computer with his residual arm; the women were very interested. I spent a few moments visiting with Lynne Pace.

Jason was visited by two men of 3/69 who are now in Malogne House, Benson and Greene. They were determined to "break Jason out" and take him to a skybox for the Redskins game on Sunday but Jason knew about 5 hours was way too long at this point. He really looked wistful!
By the way, one of Jason's favorite medics from Ward 65 Marshall came down and said, "Jason wins the award for most visitors!" Nobody can remember any patient getting more. Thank you all of our new friends and family that have come to see Jason. And don't forget, stop by if you are in DC; check with Lisa at

For dinner Jason had BBQ chicken from the mess hall which he liked along with chocolate milk.
Dow and I were scheduled to go to dinner at Bill and Vera Sisolek's but our evening visitor for Jason could not make it, so I went and Dow stayed with Jason. The Sisoleks hosted Bob this week and this was Uncle Bob's last dinner in DC. We had a wonderful meal and saw their home built about the Civil War period except for Fred who is a frog sculpture sitting with crossed legs and holding a martini on a garden wall in their back yard. Bill said, "Fred's my alter ego." I thought he was a decadent Kermit ;-)

Frustration of the day:
American Red Cross located in the hospital had told us that each Ward RN station had DVD's for view. Ward 58 has none, said the few they had "went home when the patients went home" Ward 57 who Ross Perot adopted at the beginning of the war supposedly has a cache which they guard like a "dog in a manger!" actually I would say "pitbull in a manger" according to Dow. So alas, no DVD when Jason wants a movie which is his very favorite way to pass the time and always was a great interest of his. So if you have a spare DVD or VHS, I say, "Bring them on" by mail to Ward 58 and let us replenish their stash and Ward 57 can "take a leap (into second place in number of DVD's)."

Saturday is quiet as usual. Jason slept in till after 8:30 (Could it be because he spent two hours on the phone with Jody till past 11 PM?). Jason and Uncle Bob went off to PT while Dow is preparing to return to Chicago for a quick business trip the end of the coming week. Dow and I went to rent movies from Hollywood so Jason could watch something, next to Whole Foods where we got the Jamba Juice. We said "Goodbye" to Uncle Bob Lincoln and "Hello" to Dennis Morajda from Chicago, friend of Jason's and ours. I was walking through the hall and there Stevie and Fleetwood were. She gave me a hug and said, "Like we're old time friends." I really do like her and said I was glad she visited because some of the patients did not get to see them when Stevie visited Jason earlier this week.

After Dow chased everywhere unsuccesfully looking for York Peppermint Patties Jason's favorite right now because he can taste them, Dow found them in the PX on the third floor! What is this about "right under your nose?"

Pray you are having a good time with family and friends preparing for the Holidays.


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