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Monday, February 13, 2006

Jason and Dad do Chinatown:Sunday 2/12

We had a terrific snow fall on Saturday night. As of this morning, Lois Spoden who attended Jason's dinner and show on Saturday had not heard from her husband Dan. Dan is in charge of snow plowing services in Marshall VA, haven't heard how much snow they measured. The beauty of fresh deep snow is an experience for all, especially some of the soldiers who are from CA and the SW. They are "not used to this stuff." We Midwesterners take it in stride "Ain't nothing, remember the winter of..."

Staying at the Sisolaks, I could look out into their beautifully landscaped back yard with a fountain now forming ice. During breakfast in their dining area, we saw a flock of robins settle in the 6 inch snow at the top of the trees. Vera thought the robins were after the juniper and holly berries as they wend their way North to spring breeding grounds. Personally, if I were a robin, I would still be hanging out in Florida given that Punxatawney Phil on Feb 2 forecasted "6 more weeks of winter and 'here she blows'!"

Jason and Dow decided to explore Chinatown located in central DC. Dow wanted to see Walk the Line, story of Johnnie Cash which we had seen earlier with Martha. They ate at a Chinese restaurant; went to the show and shopped for clothes for Jason. He purchased an underarmour tee to wear to PT and a casual shirt that feels like chamois by Quicksilver. (I just found that it still had its security tag attached, anyone know how to take one off?)

I was visiting a newly opened art exhibit at the Smithsonian with the Sisolaks. We saw Cezanne at Provence. The show by the Impressionist was filled with beautiful landscapes especially of a mountain named Montagne Sainte-Victoire as seen from Les Lauves. He worked with oils but also with watercolor focusing on the green pines that covered the hillsides. He loved to paint outside and to "be in nature every day." Cezanne had diabetes and died before he was 70 but left us his wonderful experiences of the French countryside.

The Sisolaks dropped me off in Chinatown where I met Jason and Dow at a...Local Starbucks (yes, even in Chinatown). We all headed for the Metro, Dow to Reagan-planes were leaving for Chicago after flights were cancelled in the morning. Jason and I rode the Red line Metro to Tacoma then we walked back to WR arriving just about dark at 6 PM. We settled in; Jason talked to Jodi at nine while I read in the lobby. It was lights out at 10:30.

Hope you have had fun experiences with the snow and not any difficulties! Blessings on your winter days.


Blogger Sean McHugh said...

Does Jason have a hook type prosthesis? My experience has been that those work the best. The myoeclectric hands are cool in theory, but they are not as precise. When I wear my hook I get the job done. The hand has always made me feel disabled. Drop me an email if you have any questions about the functional and psycho-social issues in my experience as a man with a hook. I can tell you that my life is full of blessings. Sean McHugh or call 610-392-0944.

Monday, February 13, 2006 3:38:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Thanks Sean,
I passed the note on to Jason.

Monday, February 13, 2006 9:03:00 PM  

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