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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Off to Forest Glen and OT

This morning, Jason said his hip was hurting last night so "I tossed and turned."

After seeing the model of the bone growth in his right buttock yesterday I certainly can understand the hurting as a point of the growth is directly on the hip area where you can normally feel the pelvic bone. Place your hand there and you will get a feel, from there the bone stretches to Jason's spinal column and beyond. Remember, Jason is 6'+ so his buttock area is wide. The surgery will attempt to remove bone on the right side of the spinal column and to leave the smaller growth on the left. The area will be radiated and Jason will be placed on bone growth inhibiting meds for a period of time. (This elective bone removal surgery is usually not performed in the first year after trauma. However, because it is extensive and is interfering with Jason's ability to sit, flex and walk, the MD's are willing to try. There is no guarantee that the bone growth will not continue.)

Jason headed to PT this morning and worked out on his upper body shoulder muscles. Using a silver therapy ball about 3' tall Jason laid his upper body on the ball and held a weight in his left and Kyla strapped a 5 pound weight to his right upper arm. Jason did these exercises both on his front side and back side. Jason also laid back on the ball and "walked his feet" across the floor. This exercise builds Jason's core strength and accounts for his ability to now get in and out of chairs, the van, etc.

Jason stopped at the deli located on the third floor and picked up a sandwich for lunch. At noon he is to attend OT for an outing. The patients will ride the shuttle to the PX at Forest Glen and for activities there. A great way to introduce Jason to the shuttle and shopping available there. Every activity that OT has the patients engage in has multiple learning goals. OT supports each patient "where they are"and provides challenges they will find in the "real world" after therapy is done at WR. I try to say to Jason, "How might you do this?" "What do you think you can do about...?" How much to give to Jason, how much to help is the question. It is a definite learning experience for me as "non-medical assistant" and Mom.

Jason came back from PT, laid down on the bed said, "Mom wake me up at ll:30" and fell asleep. Jason said the bus will pick him up in the front of Mologne House at noon, so 30 minutes was all he needed to eat and put on long pants as it is really, really cold today. Sunny but feeling like the wind of the February Jason was born in. He was born on a day that was -28 wind chill in Michigan 29 years ago. Jack a good friend from Idaho said, "Good day to be born. Cows always calf out in cold weather." I was sorta taken back by being compared to a cow "calfing out" but Jack was raised on a beef ranch and cows were the reference of choice.

I will spend the afternoon packing to visit our DC friends, the Sisolaks. Dow arrives from Chicago early this evening and will spend the nights with Jason at Mologne during this weekend's visit to celebrate Jason's birthday. On Saturday, we will be going out to dinner at Aria's and to see the show of political satire (Jason's favorite kind of satire) The Capitol Steps Troupe , both located in the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown DC on Pennsylvania Ave. We are looking forward to "this night out on the town" to celebrate this very special birthday.

Jason came back to WR from his outing to Forest Glen very excited for two reasons. First Jason wants his 35mm Canon because he says, "They have the best dark room I have ever seen." Second they have a fantastic framing shop where he can frame anything he would like-photos or art work. I said, "Darn I have some pieces, but they are in Chicago." This is the first time I have seen Jason excited about an activity and I am so glad! Maybe he will become a professional photographer? or a photo artist?

A Note:
Congress passed legislation in the fall that paid out a lump sum to soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan up to $100 K. The Wounded Warrior Project is starting to present a series of workshops about financial planning for the patient soldiers. One of the items most popular purchased by soldiers: A $55K SUV. As the financial planner said, "Not a good decision for a young man in his 20's." He also said from lottery winner studies, within 3 years, well over 50 percent will be broke financially. WWP plans on having a CFP available for the patients each Tuesday for the next couple of months.

Counseling and spiritual direction for Katy:
Today I entered counseling with a Roman Catholic feminist psychotherapist who is part of Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER) located in Silver Spring. As a hospice chaplain I know that grief from loss and trauma strikes the pysche hard. The wounding of Jason, especially for me a life long peace activist, challenges the foundation of who I am. I know it is best to "make meaning" within community. So I will be meeting with Diann weekly over the coming period to share feelings, to understand "who I am now" and to seek truth amidst this life changing experience, not only for Jason, but for our family system and the individuals within it.

I have also scheduled a day long retreat with Fr. Bill Callahan of the Quixote Center(Catholic peace and justice center) to seek together "What is God calling me to through this experience?" What does the Gospel say to me at this time? Does this event have meaning at the cosmic level?" or the level of evolution of the personal and collective unconscious? In March I will be attending a 5 day retreat and workshops for chaplains in Columbus Ohio entitled Deep Roots, Wide Reach, Journeying into the Heart of Christ, again going deeper into this lived experience. The cycle of life is life, death, life. Suffering and loss are part of life, every life. It is the choices we make when we experience these that define who we are as human and who we are as Roman Catholic Christians. I invite you to seek emotional and spiritual counseling when you face loss, trauma, or a new experience that challenges you. In doing so I will be a better mother to my son, a wounded hero for his country and who carries the wounds of war. Let us bind up the wounds of war and bring peace by being peace and hope for one another.

Know we are joined together in a community of care and concern for Jason. Blessings on your journey. Honor life and goodness and beauty you meet each day with joy for such gifts freely given to each of us.


Anonymous Greg Coyle said...

I am a freind of Jason's from Shokido. I am contacting you because I have found an organization that may be a good fit for Jason as his recovery progresses.
I am a scuba diver and an active member of a dive club in Chicago. Our guest speaker at this month's club meeting was Jim Elliott, founder of The Diveheart Foundation. The purpose of Diveheart is to provide and support educational SCUBA diving and snorkeling experience programs that are open to any physically impaired child or adult in the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person. Please feel free to visit their website at
Jim mentioned in his presentation that Diveheart is always seeking adults with physical impairments to train as divers and, ultimately, to support or even instruct children who come into the program. I told Jim of Jason's story, and he was extremely interested. With Jason's background of playing water polo, I know he was comfortable in the water. I don't know if he ever tried scuba diving, or had an interest, but this may be a great experience for Jason in the coming years.
Feel free to email me or contact the organization directly if Jason is interested in pursuing this. My email is Thanks!

Friday, February 10, 2006 3:05:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Katy,

Just wanted to let you and Jason know that Michael had the same problem with the ossification after his accident. They did surgery and did the radiation treatment. It did stop the ossification from reforming. He has had no new growth in the last 12 years.

I keep up with the blog almost daily. I have left Trustmark and have gone back to Hospice. I am now at Midwest (formally North Shore). Couldn't handle insuance any longer. You know I am a hospice nurse at heart.

Your family remains in our prayers daily.

Pat Bolender

Friday, February 10, 2006 3:53:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Hello Greg and Pat,
Thank you for writing I will give Jason the messages from both of you.

Thank you for your support and blessings on your work.

Pat are you in administration or a RN only (so you can be semi-retired and spend time with the grandkids)?

Saturday, February 11, 2006 11:21:00 AM  

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