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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Friday: Jodi arrives in "Freeze Land"

It is getting really cold outside in DC and colder to come.

Jason's OT got moved because John the OT is now off on Friday doing his prep to move to McHenry County, IL. Jason had PT then headed back to the room to rest as he says he is not able to rest at night because of his hip.

Jason watched I, Robot with Will Smith. We both had seen it before and it is a good sci-fi. Jason also caught up on his email and watching his favorite on the web cartoon with "Homestar" and friends. I packed some things as I was to spend the night with Ron Garabaldi and his animal housemates. Jodi was to arrive at 3 PM at National Airport to spend the weekend with Jason at Mologne. We got the map and found it to be a quick run down 14th Street to #1 and the airport where Jodi arrived on time even with the "active weather" all across the East coast. I left Jodi and Jason planning their evening out with Jason wearing a sweater and his red "Homestar" tee shirt. (Hopefully I will be able to find out what they do on the weekend and report in later.)

In the meantime I headed out to Ron's home that was built in the 1920's by an architect who likes curves. The front of the brick home is shaped like a crescent moon. Its porch was included in a book on the "American Porch." The living room to the left is shaped like a crescent. Ron has done many renovations to the home which has a wonderful renovated kitchen. An original ice box is now a storage cupboard, for instance.

Ron rescues animals and now has:
2 dogs Pablo and Cargo, both good size(German Shepherd) and "know they are lap dogs"
3 cats who stay out of the reach of the "puppy" and
2 parrots; one from Australia a Cockatoo and 23 years old, and one from Africa

Ron had friends for dinner, Chloe and Jason who helped make a wonderful pasta dinner with fresh vegetables. For dessert we had fresh strawberries, with cream and wonderful dark chocolate from the new New Orleans. At dessert time Ron had Amanda, the Cockatoo on his shoulder; she likes to ride on his shoulder every where. I can't quite tell you when but she climbed off Ron's shoulder across the table and UP MY ARM. I was surprised as everyone else was because she has a reputation. She sat on my shoulder while I fed her strawberries for at least 20 minutes. It was fun and a first for me!

Hope you are keeping warm during this Artic cold spell!


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