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Monday, February 20, 2006

A Soldier Patient's Day Off

Walter Reed shut down PT/OT to celebrate President's Day.

Jason celebrated President's Day by:
1. Watching 7 hours, yes, 7 shows of Law and Order on TNT starting at about 9 AM when he woke up this morning after his weekend with Jodi. Jason said he had never really watched L and Order before but he watched the show last week and said he enjoyed it.
2 Jason skipped breakfast and lunch.
3. Headed to White Flint Mall at about 3 PM in Bethesda to use some of his Border Gift $. Jason looked and looked but did not purchase anything at Borders. However he did purchase a Playstation 2 game, thanks Great Aunt Theresa, named Civilization IV.
4. Late lunch/early dinner at Bertucci's at the mall. Jason had pasta and meatballs and said that the food was good. Really wonderful hot hard rolls. Jason ate his with olive oil, I used butter which melted and tasted wonderful.
5 Return to Mologne to set up playstation and begin to play the game. Jodi purchased a right hand/left hand control for Jason, Thanks Jodi.

While Jason was watching his marathon TV show; I worked on preparing "Thank you" notes, I hope we haven't missed you. I washed clothes, cleaned out emails, wrote the weekend blog and asked after each L and O show, "Are you ready to do something now?" Coming out of the mall we saw the largest flock of crows in the trees before us that I have seen since the Nile virus came to the states. It was so good to see and hear the familiar "Caw, Caw" May they live long and prosper.

Jodi called Jason at 9 so I headed downstairs to read in the lobby. Earlier in the blog, I had written about a soldier patient who was having trouble with his wife. That night I thought a MP (?) from a nearby room came to intervene. Tonight the soldier speaking very loudly about "not having a wife" was in the lobby of the Mologne House. Almost immediately about 5 men showed up including the MP. These mature males, including one father of a patient soldier, who himself is a Vietnam Vet, took the soldier to the closed restaurant off the lobby. It reminded me of an intervention. I think the soldier may be very depressed. Keep him in your prayers.

"That's all folks" from the fast lane of "Fueler's Day Off" at Walter Reed on a bright, very cold winter day in DC. Keep Jason's upcoming surgery and all his medical professionals in your prayers. Blessings and keep warm.


Anonymous Kathi said...

Like another 'Kathy' wrote earlier,I too am enjoying reading of Jason's recovery,and also the love all of you share.Came here via another Soldiers' Angel. Am keeping all of you in my prayers,and may Jason continue healing well! (and yes,Law and Order is addictive!:)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006 3:29:00 AM  

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