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Friday, February 24, 2006

Today WAS the Quiet Day

Jason was up early to attend the required Friday Accountability meeting for patient soldiers. It was a beautiful blue day but cold and as the wind began to blow even colder. Jason had PT but no OT. He tried to pick up his glasses on WR's 7th floor but the office was closed. Jason got back about 11:00 and said he was thinking about walking to Silver Spring for a movie and I would drive up later for dinner. He watched an old sci-fi movie on TV, Will Smith starred in the movie that had scenes like Star Wars. Jason said after eating lunch that he was tasting the food today.

I walked over to WR for lunch and was joined by Fr. Rich Spencer a regular visitor when Jason was on the ward. Fr. Rich is an Iraqi vet himself. He told me of his escape from a recent fire. He was working at the hospital a couple of weekends ago. The rectory where he was living literally blew up due to a faulty heating system. Nothing was left. "Thank God" he was on duty and not at home. Fr. Rich lost all personal items including his military uniforms, liturgical vestments and his motorcycle. All he has is his car. I said, "This is like a death experience" for all the tangible memories of his life and ministry are gone. He agreed. Fr. Rich will try to visit Jason in the hospital next week.

I returned to Mologne to find that it was much to cold for Jason to walk to Silver Spring. He rested till I drove him to his movie Running Scared. I stayed to watch the Greaseman and walked out after 5 minutes of really "blue jokes."
I rested awhile and headed to Silver Spring to have dinner with Jason at the Lebanese restaurant. We both enjoyed the hummus with hamburger meat added. Their pita bread is fabulous. Both Jason and I ate hummus until "it was all gone."

We returned to Mologne where Jason and I compared notes; he had been disappointed in the movie especially the deux ex machina ending and I was disappointed at the live "comedy(?)" entertainment. Jason called Jodi and I headed downstairs to the "restaurant dining" room to watch the Olympics-downhill slalom for women and men's bobsled. NBC would provide one of the routines from the Ice Skating Gala; each pair and single program was unique and dramatic in execution. I was breathless at the beauty and grace of these young athletes. Watching lifted my spirits from the earlier disappointments of the day.

I was the only person in the room, wonder if I could have brought some "outside food" with me? I didn't realize that my watched had stopped and arrived at the room "an hour later" than I thought. I helped Jason prepare for bed and "Maybe tomorrow will be brighter."

Blessings everyone and hope you have a good weekend.


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