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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jason Working on the Stairs

Caught up with Jason at the end of Physical Therapy. He was "going upstairs and downstairs" in the PT room. I think their steps are about 6 in number. Jason got to the top and said, "I can't get down." This made me smile as I thought of the video we saw yesterday on the Animal Planet of a cat that was caught up top of a telephone pole-Gaza strip, Israel- and wondered if Jason was taking his cue from the show? After the removal of the free growing bone in his hip three weeks ago, Jason has made tremendous strides (no pun intended) in walking and in his ability to go up and down stairs.

I headed to Silver Spring and asked Jason what he would like for lunch as I would be stopping at Whole Foods. Jason asked for "beef." When I got to Whole Foods, no beef on the deli counter today. So what to do for our healing wounded soldier? A slice of turkey/vegetable meatloaf, a slice of Cuban pork loin, a fried chicken breast and one Jamba Juice. Jason drank the Jamba, ate the pork and chicken and said "I'm full." He had planned on returning to PT but rolled over and promptly fell asleep.

I worked on the blog and email until it was time to leave for the Metro to go to Martha's as she and Chuck are letting Jason use the van. I was not sure how long it would take me but I headed out at quarter to 5 and arrived at the East Fall Church metro stop at about 6, not bad to go all across DC and into Virginia. I had planned it this way in hopes that I would not get snarled in DC commuter traffic and it worked well. It took about an hour for me to get back to WR.

When I returned, Jason didn't want anything for dinner and was content and happily reading his latest book, "Thank You for Smoking " by Chris Buckley. Jason wants to see the movie just out and we will try to find it this weekend. He said that he spent some time talking with one of the men from his platoon and they had a "good telephone visit." Three men from his platoon will visit next week, I said, "You've got to tell them to get a room asap" as the Cherry Blossom Festival starts next weekend. Everyone says the blossoms should be on time, although they are talking the possibility of a snow flake and rain this weekend and very cool weather.

Travails of Lisa
Lisa had planned on being in DC by 4 PM on Thursday to visit Jason. When she tried to check in on line at home, Lisa found that her reservation had not been confirmed by one of the departments at WR. She had no flight to DC. After a number of anxious calls; Lisa was on a flight at 6 PM from Tampa. However, this flight had a lay over in Atlanta and Lisa wouldn't arrive in DC until after 11 PM. Ron Castaldi, remember the dogs, cats, and parrots; very generously offered to pick her up at National. He has offered his home to Lisa and she will be staying with Ron this weekend. Many thanks to all who helped Lisa get to DC by straightening out the "plane thing." Many blessings to Ron's compassionate care and his friendship for Jason and all of us, Jason's family.

Prayers requested:
I met two new families yesterday. Please keep them in your prayers and the healing of all soldiers who arrive weekly on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. One very upset mother was leaving her soldier daughter as her family and she were at odds and "I am going home, I cannot stay any longer. I feel abused." Another family was gathering; three sons and one daughter all coming to support their wounded soldier. I thought what a diversity of family life; a diversity of responses and resources. Each family trying to do what it can to support their beloved soldier. All needing support and hope in this time of healing of mind, body and spirit.

I spent an hour having a phone visit with Diane, the Native American from Alaska, whom we saw perform on Saturday. She and her family had a meeting about support for her son and his wife who live at Fischer (family living) home here at WR. Please pray for them as they try "to hold each other in love"

Lisa was told today that her sister-in-law has breast cancer. Please hold Cecilia and her family in your prayers for healing and peace.

Please pray for Jason's continued healing especially as he looks at tests to come.

I keep each of your intentions and needs in my prayers and am so thankful that you share in Jason's journey to recovery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Jason likes Thank You for Smoking then I HIGHLY recommend Christopher Buckley's other books. They are certainly some of my favorites that I've read, especially That's No Way to Treat A First Lady. It sounds like things are going well for you all and I appreciate all the time and effort you're putting into the blog so that the rest of us can keep up with how Jason is doing. I'm so happy that he is doing so much better!
Laura Rush

Saturday, March 25, 2006 11:31:00 AM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

thanks Laura,
Have a great spring,

Sunday, March 26, 2006 10:05:00 PM  

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