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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Time for Chipotle Take Out

We would like to say "We are sorry" to those of you who have written to Jason expecting a reply and have not received a reply. Today we received a Christmas letter dated December 21st 2005; it included a donation to Jason's travel fund. The letter arrived exactly three months after its postmark. Somehow the letter made its way to the Family Assistance Office where one of the staff called Jason to let him know it was there.

Today we awoke at regular time, 6:30 for me and 7:20 for Jason. Jason says that his eye still hurts but feels it is from the surgery. He did not take this morning. I am trying to make sure he has drops in his eyes four times a day, but it is hard with his schedule. I wake up, get dressed and go downstairs to get Jason his morning bagel and cream cheese, provided to patients and family members free of charge. The one thing about this breakfast it is quick and easy except the toasters have minds of their own and I never know what "color the toast will be" from hardly toasted to almost burnt. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.

Jason doesn't like to get dressed in sweat type pants so he headed to PT with shorts and a very light jacket in 35 degree weather and a snow forecast. I stayed behind to work on the mail and "thank you" cards. I am still working my way through the 500 emails I received during the time I was at the Chaplain's conference. I found Jason in OT without John who was busy elsewhere. Jason had a regular session in PT strengthening and stretching muscles. He decided to head back to the room for Jodi's noon call. We talked a few minutes with another soldier Jason had told about my peace activity yesterday. "Oh yes, MY mom would have joined you in a second," he said. It made me feel good to have a soldier say that to me. For me it meant that he could understand my loving Jason but disagreeing with the political decisions that put them both in harm's way.

Each month the Pastoral Care office at WR sponsors a speaker and I have tried to attend them when I can as I find them very worthwhile. I stayed at WR to attend a performance and lecture on healing music by Dean and Dudley Evanson of Washington State. Their music is recorded on, phone 800 93 Peace. As a hospice chaplian I am very interested in music as a method for relaxation especially for pain relief whether that be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

They discussed research proving that healing is quicker when the body is relaxed and for 25 years this couple has been writing and performing healing music for audiences. They talked about breathing, about relaxation, the use of a mantra for relaxation,and healing images. Their video was pictures of animal life with water flowing over the image; they mixed the two with wonderful results. They said that the earth's sound and our brain's Alpha waves are 7.83. They create music with this frequency. Especially beautiful for me was the American Indian flute music. With video pictures from nature, they live in Washington State with a river on their propoerty, the music relaxed a number of folks in the autdience who fell asleep. During their performance, the singer would say, "Oh, she's/he's sleeping. That is good, that is what the music should do." We each received a CD of their music. I have yet to be able to get Jason to listen to it, I'll keep trying.

I returned with Jason's regular lunch sandwich: whole wheat bread, turkey, mustard, pepperjack cheese, lettuce and cuke slices. Jason had asked for a pretzel too. However when I was heading to the case where they were hanging; a woman took the last one. Darn. I restocked his drinks: orange and apple juices by Minutemaid. Jason was very happy attending to the latest emails he had received recently. He helped me purchase a ticket to attend our grandson Jonathon's First Communion in April in Tampa. After a while, Jason became very tired and said he would like to take a nap. I asked Jason what he would like to eat for dinner and he gave me a request for a Chipotle Steak Bowl: rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, salsa and beef a first for me.

I spent time on the emails till 5PM and headed out to Silver Spring for a good walk exercise. I thought the trip would be 1 1/2 hours but it took me a total of two. I stopped at Safeway for the "Hint of Lemon" tostada chips Jason likes as he had asked me to get him chips. Then on three blocks North to Whole Foods for Jason's Jamba juice. Finally another block North to Chipotle and his Beef Bowl. When I arrived back at the room, my electronic door key would not work. This happens all to frequently, they blame it on the machinery in the hospital but I don't know... I knocked on the door and woke Jason up from his nap. We ate our dinners, watched Law and Order and the Daily Show and the Colbert show. I told Jason that the couple I had heard from at noon said that laughter changes the body's response and improves health. You can just laugh, you don't have to respond to something funny. They told us that the Pentagon had hired a "laugh expert" to teach healthy laughter. So I am glad that Jason watches shows that make him laugh. All in good health.

As I was leaving WR through the second floor lobby to chase Jason's dinner; 11 gurneys and 2 wheel chairs awaited new patients arriving this evening. Please keep all the soldier patients and their families in your good thoughts and prayers. Please keep Jason's healing in your thoughts and prayers especially his eye, his digestive system and his left arm. Let us image Jason whole and free from pain, exploring and enjoying a life rich in pleasure and good friends and family all around.


Anonymous Lee Cuasay said...

Hi Mrs. Scott,

As always, I've enjoyed reading about Jason's news and blessed recovery. Myself, Spence Burnett, and Hunt Holton are planning on visiting Jason on April 1 and 2. Where do you recommend we stay? We look forward to seeing Jason and will continue to pray for him.

--Lee Cuasay

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 9:09:00 AM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

Lee were you planning on renting a car? Did you want me to recommend a home, try to find one that sleeps three? I have one that I know of about an hour away. I think I have one that may be closer. There are hotels that are close by. Send me an email or Jason and let us know what you are looking for.

my email is

Wednesday, March 22, 2006 5:00:00 PM  

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