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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Let's Do a Barium Image; Let's Do a Cat Scan Image

Jason and I headed over to WR, first floor radiology for his barium test this morning at 8:30. This test was to create a picture of Jason's innards around the surgery site for the surgeons. We waited for about 45 minutes then Jason went in. While we waited we took turns reading the newspaper and watching CNN. About 10:45 Jason came out with a MD waved, made a hand that said, "Five minutes" and headed out the door. He was back in about 5 minutes and I asked, "What happened?" Jason said they could not get a "readable image" using barium to coat his tissues. They poked, prodded, and tried to create images using the x-ray machine. Jason's bottom was sore.

Finally after an hour and 1/2 of trying, the radiology intern said, "Let's do this with a cat scan." As Jason had signed it was over very quickly once the MD changed procedures.
By this time it was 11 AM so Jason headed to PT and set up an afternoon appointment for himself. Then we went to OT and saw John who reiterated the need for OT to exercise the left wrist to increase its flexibility. Wally is Jason's new OT. Jason and I had a discussion about the best use of Kyla's time. I think Jason should use OT time to really focus on working the left wrist as this is so important for his ability to complete acitivities of daily living, having only one hand that is not his dominant.

Please send good thoughts and prayers that Jason passes his test tomorrow. This one will decide if he can have the surgery to reverse the earlier one. He has the test at 9 PM the instructions say it will take "20 minutes." We will see.

We headed back to the room and I worked on chores and Jason checked online news, email, etc. Jodi called and I left them talking on the phone while I headed to Silver Spring to get my hair cut. It is so beautiful and I love to walk outdoors and the 5 miles is good for me. I shopped at Whole Foods and had my lunch from their salad/deli bar. On the way back, I talked to my daughter Lisa on the phone and I thought, "I have succumbed like the rest of America. Here I am on a spring stroll talking on the cell phone instead of enjoying the moment."

I arrived at the room about 4 expecting it to be empty, but lo and behold, Jason was sound asleep on the bed. "What happened?" "I fell asleep." I found leftovers from yesterday so Jason had eaten lunch, talked to Jodi and then decided it was "nap time." He had done the same thing yesterday and stayed awake till midnight watching Comedy Central last night. Jason slept till 6 PM and then said, "Were are we going to dinner?" He let me chose and I said, "Eggspectations" in Silver Spring. I had two eggs on French toast, Canadian bacon, and homefries as I was craving eggs, not having any in weeks. Jason had chicken and penne pasta wasn't happy with the taste, but I was glad he was tasting! We returned to Mologne House and Jodi called shortly thereafter.

Washington Post: front page article

The Post continues its series on the effects of the Iraqi war. Today's article is entitled: Limbs Lost to Enemy Fire, Women Forge a New Reality. Both women featured in the story were patients at WRAMC. Extensive discussion of the impact of being an amputee and the differences between men and women's response. Eleven women are amputees versus 350 men because of the Iraq war. This is a new combat injury for American citizens to confront and understand their meaning.

Mologne House Telephone system:

For about the last three weeks when we call someone outside of Mologne House or off post, they cannot hear us "too scratchy, too low, etc..." and the reverse is true if they call us, they cannot hear us same problems. Makes the phone useless. Except when I try to report it, everyone at MHH/on post says, "I can hear you just fine." I caught up with the Manager of MHH and he said, "It is Sprint. We have asked for a new "computer board" for the system and they won't supply one." Don't know the excuse from Sprint. So we are using the cell phones which cost us minutes. So...If there is one of you with influence within the Sprint system for the DC area/MHH specifically; give them a call, maybe an email would work better :-), and see if we can give MHH and the US Army a helping hand in resolving this problem ASAP. Thanks from all the frustrated parents/family members/friends and wounded soldiers of MHH.


Anonymous Maria with GS Troop in Kensington said...

Hi Katy,

I received your note last week. Thank you so much for the photo. I will share it with the girls at our meeting this Friday. I just forwarded information about the blog to the other parents of the troop.

Thank you for sharing information about Jason and for sharing your reflections. You've given me things to think about...a good thing!

We will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006 11:21:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

May you have a great spring with the girls. Jason has an aunt who was a longtime leader. It is a great program for girls to develop leadership.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006 10:24:00 AM  

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