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Monday, April 17, 2006

Jason Has Another Radiation Treatment

It was up at regular time for a radiation treatment to Jason's left arm scheduled at 8 AM, first floor WR, Room 1H. It took about an hour and Jason came out with his bandaged arm all marked up like a grid as radiation techs take many measurements to be sure that the radiation is focused at a specific area. Jason's bone removal was necessary for "ulna-radius synostosis (bone fusion)" I asked Dr. Wilson head of radiology about the word and was it heterotopic ossification? He said "It is HO, but a specific kind synostosis means 'bone bridge.'" As we said the shrapnel shattered both bones so the body trying to heal laid down new bone here and there and here, creating about a 3 inch "block of bone" in Jason's lower arm. His fingers are still swollen and looking bruised this morning, the bandage will come off Wednesday. Jason said, "It is very uncomfortable because you lay on a metal table, no padding and cannot move." They measure and measure but the actual treatment is like 30 seconds. Dr. Wilson told me, "This treatment was so much easier to plan than his hip area." He again thanked me for providing him the resin model of Jason's hip HO that was so helpful in their planning the first radiation treatment. Thanks to orthopedics for creating it.

After his radiation treatment, Jason headed to PT and I headed to the Monday morning family accountability meeting at Mologne House. Again the folks were new this morning, the room not as filled as last Monday. I filled out the necessary paperwork, letting them know that I would be gone for my upcoming long weekend. When I returned to the room, there was a phone message from Dr. Golarz telling Jason that he had scheduled tests for this coming Friday. I left a message on Jason's cell but he did not receive it. I thought Jason might be able to chase Docs after PT. So when Jason returned to the room, I told him, "Dr. G wants you to see him today for a consult permission sheet, then he would like you to meet with the gastrointestinal Docs/technicians to schedule your tests this week." (other blog entry for today)

Jason returned to the room about 4 PM after an afternoon session with PT. Kyla and Greg had re-wrapped his arm, including his fingers and told Jason, "You must keep this arm elevated as it is very swollen." (I felt supported as I was telling him the same thing. Jason was compliant and has slept with a pillow under his left arm since the surgery.) Kyla had written "Hi Jodi" on the bandage and Jason had sent a cell phone picture to her. He wouldn't let me take a picture for the blog so you will have to trust me. Jason was exhausted after MD visits, PT in the morning and afternoon. He immediately laid down on the bed, took off his glasses and fell asleep. It is so good that Jason can rest because I know that surgery after surgery; day after day of PT and OT and treatments must stress his mind, body and spirit.

Martha Turner called and wanted to touch base with Jason but missed him in PT. She is at WR undergoing tests before she and Chuck retire to MN at the end of the month. She and Jason missed each other in the hospital. A WRAMC volunteer called wanting to take Jason to a baseball game on Sunday but Jason is not a baseball fan. If I were here I would have gone as it is being played in Camden Yards. I met the OT John Verdoni in the hall as he was collecting paperwork for his exit to civilian life. John said, "Jason has to come to OT, we need to work his left wrist." John also told me that Wally would be Jason's new OT. I passed the messages on to Jason when he returned from the hospital.

I was tired and was lying down when Jason returned from PT about 4 PM. "no sleeping," he said. Then Jason laid down on his bed rolled over and fell asleep till about 7 PM. I never fell asleep. The phone rang, Capt Spence was calling a friend of his in Mosul had been hit by a suicide bomber. Mark should arrive at WR any time, I assume Tuesday as that is when a flight from Landstuhl will arrive. I promised to go to ICU and see if I could find his wife/family as I thought they might have arrived on Sunday but they were not here. We will keep trying to find them.

Jason decided he wanted something to eat. I headed to Whole Foods for pasta for Jason and a tuna sandwich for me. After dinner Jodi called and I headed to WR to find Mark. I did not find him but instead found the family of Eric father of Gracie, if you remember from the blog, we celebrated her first birthday when Jason and Eric were on Ward 58. Eric is here for surgery, he needs to have a pump reinserted after he caught an infection. His family is looking forward to being able to build a home and keep Eric with them. Eric's father quit his job to stay at home to take care of Eric. I told Jason about them and we will try to visit for the week they are at WR. It will be good to see Gracie.

Please pray for Mark and his family, may his healing begin that he will not be a quadlapligic. Please pray for Eric and his family especially Gracie. Please pray that the HO does not return and that the HO growing in Jason's residual arm cease. Let us pray that exercises in PT and OT will provide Jason the ability to turn his wrist 100% and that his gait and step will continue to improve.

Note: as Jason and I were heading out yesterday, traffic on Georgia was being stopped at the gate. Jason said, "Somebody must be visiting WR." The buzz is "The President visited on Easter." I was told his visit was on TV so you might have seen the President, we missed the motorcade. If you can access the Washington Post, the Easter Service at Walter Reed was a story in today's paper. The soldier I attended the service with was interviewed for the article.


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