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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Holy Saturday: A Day for TV as Jason Recuperates

Jason slept in till 9:30 this morning. Jason had a peaceful night as he did not need to wake me for more percocet. Thanks be to God. Jason woke up to watch the movie "Wild, Wild West" with Will Smith and Kevin Klein. It is hilarious and the perfect "after-surgery" movie in my book. Mad cap, slapstick comedy.

Jason is feeling better this morning, did not want more percocet. Jason decided he wouldn't do the "refill" on his pain pump but let it run out late Saturday. Jason drank juice but didn't want any food. I went downstairs and met Joe having breakfast who offered to check in on Jason while I was away this evening for the Easter Vigil service at Quixote. Joe was very happy because he is now working in the chaplain's office for about 3 days a week "being an altar boy and anything they ask of me." Rose Ann from Quixote gave me some holy water bottles from Lourdes and I will be giving them to Joe to take when he visits Lourdes at the end of April. A group flies wounded soldiers and their spouses to Lourdes.

Jason decided he wanted some KFC strips of some kind. So I headed over and got him Honey BBQ boneless wings. He was able to manipulate the fork well enough today to feed himself. "Yes"

Looks like a movie day for Jason, he just finished watching another about three 20 somethings following their friend's directions to a "treasure" and their adventures in the mountains. After that movie Jason said,"Let's watch Zorro." We began to watch the movie but Jodi called, I hit the pause button and she and Jason talked for an hour. I went to the lobby and called family members to wish them "Happy Easter." When I got back, Jason and I finished Zorro then he said, "I'm hungry for pizza." (again) So I called Pizza Hut and Jamel (the counter manager) recognized me from yesterday. I was very impressed as he must have 100's of customers in for pick-up each day.

When I got back Jason was watching "Top Chef" He said, "I am addicted to this show." He knew all the chefs and is waiting to see who is "top chef." So I think he is like my side of the family. He enjoys talking about the food and watching the challenges that are presented to the contestants.

I packed up his uniform and will take to Lisa's later this week for storage. I think her garage must be close to full with Jason's things including his auto. I wrote "Thank you's" as Jason receives cards and letters of support. Vicky sent him copies of articles from the San Francisco Chronicle presenting the challenges to families and soldiers here at Walter Reed. The series ran the week of March 26. Miles sent him mementos of The Bataan Death March Memorial marathon held in Nevada each year which he participated in.

At 7 I headed to Quixote for celebration of the Easter Vigil. Fr. Bill presided for our circle of about 10. As always we worshiped in the room filled with beautiful art from Nicaragua. I had purchased a lily and hyacinth for Holy Thursday; tonight they were in full-bloom and their fragrance filled the air. Fr. Bill inscribed the Easter candle with the cross and the Alpha and Omega, as he placed the nails, we prayed for all those who suffer:
  • from war throughout the world
  • from diseases and natural disasters
  • from human trafficking and human rights abuses
  • for the earth because of our human degradation of the environment
We blessed the water and then each other asking the Spirit to bless each of our ministries and our lives. We prayed for peace and justice throughout the world that Jesus who died and rose would lead us to a New Earth. We blessed the bread and wine and shared the body and blood of transformation from death to life; ALL are daughters and sons of a Loving God.

Blessings to each of you in this time of new life; may Easter Sunday be a time of friends and family, good food and happy memories for you all. Blessings of Easter be with you all. A special thanks to all who offer support to Jason through cards, letters, emails or your prayers and good thoughts. Thank you for being a circle of healing love for Jason


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Jason and Mrs. Scott!


Sunday, April 16, 2006 12:43:00 PM  

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