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Monday, May 01, 2006

Dow's Birthday: A Gift of Good News for Jason

Dow headed over early to be with Jason on this his 55th birthday. When I joined them after my required Monday morning family meeting, I found them watching Al Pacino in "Two for the Money." This was an excellent drama and I can't believe that Pacino was not nominated for his role in it. All about gambling on football and the "game."

Dr. Golarz had stopped by and "released Jason" from the IV pole, the dilaudid drip, the antibiotics. Jason has his dressing changed every day. Jason is to be up and about as much as possible but he cannot do very much. He is in pain and needs help to dress, get up and move about the bed. Jason needs someone to walk along side of him when he walks. As the day went on Jason's pain increased and he said,"When I stand up, I feel like my guts are going to fall out through that incision." Jason asked his dad to stay longer but Dow's work schedule does not permit him to do so.

Dr. Golarz had an even better "good word" for Jason. If Jason's healing progresses, Dr. G will let Jason go on convalescence leave for the month of June, a thirty day leave in sunny Florida (I would return to Chicago when he leaves). There is only one stickler: Dr. G has to be comfortable that Jason will not get a hernia; this is a common potential complication whenever a person has abdominal surgery. Jason must realize that he is a risk for a hernia and not attempt lifting that he cannot do. We have a prayer and image tasks before us: Jason's complete healing so that he can go on leave June 1! (Jodi returns to school I believe in late June). Jason would be cutting the healing time in half as Dr. G first said, "Six to eight weeks after your surgery is necessary for you to heal up to normal for yourself."

Dow and I went to Whole Foods and got Jason cut up turkey, cooked carrots, yogurt smoothies and a Jamba Juice. Sounded like a nice "real food" menu to me. Jason drank the jamba and that was all he could eat at lunch after his 4 day fast. Jason tried to attend an "x-box" control presentation in OT but the group didn't come on schedule and Jason couldn't stand anymore, too much pain so we returned to the 6th floor. Jason prepared to take a nap and I left him sleeping and his dad reading the newspaper.

I headed to medical records to begin the process of getting Jason's medical records together. Going to try to get them organized for the Medical Board process. We have been told, "make copies as they will get lost at least once." So the Med Board fun begins... Then back to Mologne for chores. Spent frustrating time trying to get a real Florida person at the auto license plates bureau so that Jason could order Purple Heart plates for his car. We have seen them on cars here and they are very nice looking. I finally went to the computer and filed a form via the internet, so we will see how Florida responds.

Before we left Jason after a dinner of buttered noodles from the Noodle Bowl, I felt him and Jason was warm. His normal temp is about 97.5, it was 98.5 about a 1.5 degree temperature. Please keep Jason in your good thoughts and prayers. Pray for no infection. I let the head RN for the night know that Jason was warm and asked her to please monitor his temp.

Dow and I did our 2.5 mile walk around the track after dark. No bunny rabbits we have no answer for that except coyotes. Not much of a 55th birthday celebration for Dow today but a "gift of good news for Jason."


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