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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Adventure in Silver Springs

First to Jason's day
PT this morning included:
  1. 8 pound weights on Jason's legs, 5 sets of 12
  2. 100 crunches/situps while on PT table
  3. 60 bridges (buttock tucks)
  4. leg stretches
  5. 2 laps around the floor w/o chair as backup.

Col Martha stopped after PT to wash Jason's hair. She is a wonderful friend and nurse to Jason, one of the angels in his life. Lois and Dan Spoden (more angels) made their Sunday afternoon visit bringing VHS movies including John Wayne, a fresh supply of lime gatorade, a VT tee shirt and a very nice bedside tray to use when Jason gets his cast off, hoping Monday. Other visitors included a Troop of Boy Scouts from Clifton VA bringing goodies. Officers from Ft. Belvoir left Jason his 10th commerative coin. (I will try to take a picture this week so you all can see what the coins look like.) Martha says people put them in a window box frame for display.

This afternoon Jason watched football and cheered for the Bears. His heart had been broken because VT lost to Florida State while his older sister cheered because she graduate from FSU in 19-- and is the biggest fan of Bowden that I know. The charge nurse said it WAS NOT Jason but there is now a sign on all bedroom doors reading, "Please be aware of noise levels during sleeping hours." I will confess that my son, Captain in the US army was cheering rather loudly past 11 PM last night as he tried to encourage his team from his bed here in DC. Jason liberally uses "tanker language" also called "colorful idioms" to encourage the Hokies, allas to no avail.

Okay now on to the adventure in "Kinko-ing"

I wanted to write a Christmas letter for family and friends. Because getting to a printer is like climbing Mt. Everest at WR, we decided to use the "magic wand" I don't know what the computer literate call that little stick you stick into the computer and download whatever and carry in your pocket or as Dennis said, "Women wear as jewelry" I said "Dennis I minister as a hospice team member. We do not wear computer "thing a ma gigs" " So Dow looked up Kinkos on the computer and it gave us map, phone etc. We gaily set out for the 2+ mile walk to Silver Springs to eat lunch and do an "easy chore." Not so fast... Near where we thought the map told us to go, we call and check in with Kinko's who say "You are going the wrong way."

In the Whole Foods where we get the Jason's Jamba Juice Dow says, "I will run this back to WR with the JJ for J while you wander the streets of Silver Springs looking for the elusive Kinko's." Where is a GPS when I need one? (our Prius has one and ministering in home health I would forever be lost without it). This very nice man waiting in line at WF's overhearing us says "This IS the way to Kinkos" (angels are everywhere) and tells us "where to go" which is a very nice thing to do in this instance! Actually, the map we had was right, the employee of Kinko's who was standing in the building (talking to us on the cell) was wrong!

So Dow heads with JJ for J in hand, I wonder/wander through Silver Springs find the Kinko's walk in and it hits me, "Expletive deleted (sorta the words used as Jason watched the Hokies loose) Dow has the magic wand in HIS pocket! I call Jason's room, "Dennis, have Dow email the files to Kinko's when he gets there!!!" As I am talking to Dennis in my quiet subdued voice in the middle of Kinko's, who walks in the door but Dow. Adventure over, fade to black and a very, very long wait to be waited on but that is another story!

Blessings on this 2nd Sunday of Advent,


Anonymous annscanlon said...

Hi Jason, Katy & Dow: Jason, you will probably not remember me from your Blacksburg days but I lived on Tall Oaks Drive. My son James is about a year younger than you are. Mary Beth Gibson gave me this blog address and I have been keeping up with your recovery which is remarkable. You are amazing at what you have accomplished so far. I cannot complain any more when I do my bridges for PT having seen that you did 60 plus all the other exercises. You are all in my prayers and I hope that your healing and recovery continues. Katy, if there is anything I can do to help please let me know. I am retired now so my time is my own. If you would like to come and vist Blacksburg later on I have plenty of room. If I get to DC after the holidays I will email Lisa so that I can come and visit. Lots of love and prayers. Ann Scanlon

Monday, December 05, 2005 3:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jason, Katy, and Dow,

We'll take care of "housing" for the commemorative coins. Be looking for a package from USAA in about a week. You remain in our daily thoughts and prayers.

Tandy and Watt Shields (Elizabeth's mom and dad)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005 8:43:00 AM  

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