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Monday, January 23, 2006

Jason and Jody Play on the Weekend

Report for weekend, Jason:
Jason and Jodi went out to the movies on Friday night as I had reported. Jodi reported that Jason and she never did eat dinner, timing wasn't right. On Saturday and Sunday Jason skipped his one hour PT cause Jodi was in town. Saturday, using Martha's van they headed for the National Zoo where Jason and Jodi hoped to see the Red Panda's that Jason at first thought were from "Red China" they are not. Jason and Jodi couldn't find them so assumed the pandas were "hidden somewhere" in their pen. Jason was surprised at the hills in the zoo which limited his exploring this visit. Hopefully Jodi and Jason will be able to visit the zoo again when Jason can ambulate better and the pandas are frolicking. Maybe the next visit they will be able to see the Great Panda baby also.

Sunday Jason and Jodi hung out at the Mologne House Hotel and went to the Grill for lunch as she had a 5 o'clock plane back to warm Florida and college.

I had a wonderful relaxing time in Richmond VA with my good friend Marlene. She lives in a row house made in 1909 each room with a door in the wall leading to another room. We went out to a Greek restaurant and came home to watch the original Producers with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. Great fun, on Sunday her tradition is to host a family dinner and her 3 daughters bring the grandkids and enjoy a late afternoon meal together. Marlene has always been a great example of hospitality as was Christ. It is her ministry now especially as she had major surgery on her ankle three years ago that has limited her mobility and she is just now getting "back on her feet." It was so good to be "in a house" away from the one-room confines of Mologne House Hotel.


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