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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Walk to the drugstore

Regular routine this morning, breakfast of bagel from dining hall as they didn't bring tray. Not their fault, Jason and I are notoriously poor in completing it, although I must say it is always a surprise what Jason gets. The kitchen is usually pretty good in giving Jason a bagel and cream cheese. In PT Jason was doing his exercises not only with Kyla but she enlisted help from a student soldier PT to really giving Jason a good stretch on the leg exercises. With two helping to stretch and pull him, Jason was a little stiff later in the day from the workout. Kyla told us with the extent of Jason's buttock wounds it may take up to two years for them to heal and regrow muscle.

During PT we gave presents Jason and we had purchased to Mike another soldier, I believe Air Force-Alaska, whose wife just gave birth to a bouncy baby boy. Mike will be having major face reconstruction surgery in about a week. I am also trying to find a masseuse for Jason to work on breaking up scar tissue in his bottom region. Got a couple of names today so hopefully one will be able to call soon.

In OT Jason said they worked in the kitchen and he does not enjoy the learning for daily actitivities-preparing food in this instance. I wonder sometimes if Jason appreciates the relearning he will have to undergo moving from right to left hand dominance and being with only one hand at this time in his healing. Jason has always had things come so easily for him with his excellant brain and ability to use it. I also know it is hard for Jason as his left arm and wrist do not let him manipulate utensils, clothes, etc as he would like. Jason's challenges are daunting and I don't know how I would manage under his circumstances. He is strong and determined and I know Jason will do well in his healing in the long run even with these challenges. He said to Patrice, "I know it will take time, I have only been here less than three months."

After Jason's talk to Jodi at noon, Jason finished up the chicken and fried rice from last night for lunch. While Jason was talking to Jodi I had lunch with another mother of a soldier son, seriously injured and offered her support. We too talked of the stress of our soldier's injury on families, for her with her daughter in particular. How do you schedule visits with the patient when family members are in conflict? What do you do when your concerns are not received by other family members. I told her about the "parking lot;" each room has a dry marker board for notes. When something comes up Jason and I write it on the board and tell the RN, MD, SW about it on their next visit. She thought that would work and would be helpful as "coming from the note board, the concerns would not be "hers."" We would like to go on a retreat together but I am having trouble finding Catholic retreat centers in the Washington area that offer individualized direction/retreats, most do groups on weekends.

Jason normally goes to OT at 14:00, then an hour of PT at 15:00. Today Jason wanted to walk because he needed something from the drugstore. He said, "Let's walk instead of my doing PT." So we walked south on Georgia, first time for Jason about 4 blocks to the drugstore, shopped and returned to WR. Took about an hour to do the round trip. It felt so good to be out of the hospital. We saw crows, sparrows and squirrels, city wildlife; all creatures of God goodness.

Some friends had planned on bringing Jason dinner but had to cancel because of work schedules. I ate a left over salad and, thank heaven, we hadn't sent Jason's tray back so he ate the "steakburger." I found some left over vegetarian pizza in the Ward 58 communal fridge from our weekend outing so Jason didn't go hungry. Thank heaven for leftovers, even if one is a soldier patient at Walter Reed! After we ate our dinner, Patrice came by bringing...dinner!!! Jason said, "Great, I will eat it for lunch tomorrow!" not telling Patrice about the earlier plans! I do believe in synchronicity, this time a little out of synch. Life is full of surprises.

Patrice gave Jason a face massage to help loosen his jaw which can now open about 3/4 of an inch, or one of Jason's fingers. Kyla had told us, "The standard is opening your mouth to the width of three of your fingers" so Jason has "two finger widths" to go. PT is continuing the use of electrodes to stimulate Jason's jaw. Amazing what one can learn with a soldier patient in the hospital. As we were visiting, Bill Sisolak and a neighbor stopped being late and upset by getting stuck in the DC traffic. It was time to leave for me as the four of them began a discussion of football and movies. I said my good byes, and off I went to the the Mologne House to rest awhile and do the blog.

I attempted to get to the workout center today but found I needed a lock as all items must be in a locker. Jason said this is for security reasons. I need to go to get a lock. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I will probably walk the veranda for exercise. Blessings to all and thanks for your prayers and good thoughts sent for Jason's healing.


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