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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Rainy Day in DC

All kinds of things happening today...

Jason went to PT as usual for his stretching exercises and his facial treatment to loosen the jaw. During PT a three star general visited who is head of the US Army Pacific-One Team The general gave Jason the largest of the coins I have seen about 3 inches across. (to help us know them, I think visitors should give out a calling card also.) After the general came a Washington Post reporter who is researching an article on shrapnel wounds interviewed Jason. The reporter said he would let Jason know about the publish date if he makes the final edit. Jason said they had a really good interview. The reporter was very impressed with Jason and his ability to articulate his story. (I don't know if Jason told the reporter that in an earlier life Jason worked for a public relations firm and was very good at his work.)

Jason then went to OT continue to practice getting up and down off the mat that is slowly being lowered to the height of the Mologne House bed. Yesterday he received a chair that will raise him up so that he can get to a standing position and lower himself down. It works well if it is against a wall. Jason still has trouble getting down into chair, etc. by himself. Jason has to go to prosthetics for his right arm is now too slim, swelling gone down, for his muscles to connect to the electrodes. Jason's arm swelling must go down and stay down before the manufacturer will create the next size of prosthetic. If Jason's arm stays okay, the next prosthetic may be ordered next week.

Jason had a good story about his facial scar. He told one of the PT's, "I am proud of this scar. I got it in a sword duel in 1916 when an officer made a disparaging remark about my wife." The PT gave him the blankest stare. A lot of people do, when he rolls these off his tongue with a straight face. Jason said that during the left arm manipulations today he heard the strangest sound in his wrist, he assumed it had to do with the extra bone filling in the arm space. (Makes me wince just thinking about the cracking/breaking up of that bone, if that is what Jason heard.)

While Jason was in PT, I decided to stop by Famly Assistance because the meal permission, I can buy food for Jason at the defac (cafeteria), had expired. The young lady said, "You have to go to med hold." Never having heard the word, I dutifully march off in the now pouring rain to building T2 where, another nice young woman said, "Say what? I have never seen one of these."
I now know I am in big trouble. She goes to her computer which refuses to provide any data on Jason. "You must bring Jason here ASAP as he must become one of our patients. Then I can issue him a meal ticket and you won't have to chase permission slips." I go back and tell Jason this who immediately says "Say what?" Now I know I am in trouble with my son and the Army! I must fly to Tampa on Friday so med hold, meal cards, Jason's transfer, etc will have to wait on my return or until the Army does whatever.

In the afternoon, a RN said that Jason's final open wound of his buttock area was weeping. The MD's had been going to look at it and decide whether to stop the wet to dry dressing. When I left this afternoon Jason hadn't seen a MD yet. Hopefully, a MD will look at it soon and make a decision as to the care of this wound. At 2PM Jason was to return to OT. However, he was really exhausted and said, "Mom cancel OT I need to sleep," turned his head and fell back asleep. So I did. He asked that I call him before 3 so he could go to PT. When Jason got back from PT, afternoon session, he had an unexpected visitor. Pete, his karate master from Chicago stopped by on his way to the airport. Jason was happy to see him and the discussion turned to hedgehogs. The blog has a picture of Clive the hedgehog on Jason's shoulder and fighting with Moose. Clive is a gift from Jodi because Jason told her the story...

I always associated hedgehogs with Beatrice Potter and England. Well, little do we know about hedgehogs and Iraq. Jason was fascinated by the hedgehogs he found in Iraq. He told Pete and I the story of how they started a "hedgehog rescue" while on patrol. Jason would stop the humvee and get out and move the hedgehogs to the side of the road. They are very small and Jason could easily hold them, although they are prickly in hand. (As you know hedgehogs have a hard time of it when they try to cross the road. England has built hedgehog tunnels under the roads so they can get to the other side without getting hit.) Jason said, "One day we even stopped Iraqi traffic on Tampa Rd." (they patrolled the major road N and S near Samarra)He said, "I wonder what the Iraqis thought when they saw humvees blocking N and S traffic and American soldiers obviously chasing something on the ground between the humvees!"

I felt badly this morning because Jason was trying to open a can of ensure with a knife. I was too slow to realize what he was doing and opened it. Jason said, "I was trying to open it myself." In OT Jason was trying to remove his prosthetic, Heidi caught herself and said, "I was going to help you, but you do it yourself." I thought we all want to help our wounded soldiers yet we know the goal is their own independence. They have suffered so much, with Jason I want to make his life as easy as possible, yet I know I must not. A difficult place to be to love a son who must learn to do so much, again. Jason's life is so precious. I am proud to be with Jason. Please continue to pray for his recovery and learning new ways. Pray that Jason's arm heals and he does not have to have surgery to remove the bone. Pray for his open wound and the wound on his head.

It is Wednesday and Col Martha and I attended liturgy at Quixote Center. Using Sunday's readings, reflecting on the call of Samuel and the call of Peter "How am I called to follow God at this time?" My call is to be a peacemaker in my own heart, for Jason's healing and the world. May you too have peace within your hearts and families this new year. Blessings.


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