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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Catching Up with Jason

While I was in FL for a long weekend, Dow arrived in DC and began to help Jason prepare applications for graduate school especially for University of Florida in Gainesville. Remember this is where Jodi lives and is going to school. As related to me by Jason some happenings:
1. Jason and Dow made walking a major activity. Weather was nice so Jason and Dow walked to Silver Spring three times.
2. Friends from 3rd ID came for the weekend and Jason and friends watched the Bears loose their game at the Austin Grill in Silver Spring.
3. The Washington Post reporter did return to complete his interview with Jason and to take a picture of the shrapnel removed from Jason's arm. (I hope they let us know when it is going to be in the paper so we can let you all know. Hopefully you will be able to read it on line.)
4. Jason's glasses are working well and he has already completed reading one novel and is working on a second one.
5. Jason is now regularly watching The Daily Show and the Steve Colbert shows for his news updates.
6. Jason and Dow saw Matador and Tristan and Isodore over the weekend.

PT and OT continue as before with three days of weekend scheduling for MLK day on Monday. Focus is on getting Jason more flexibility especially in his locked hip and in being able to reach his right foot. He is still unable to smell.

I caught up with Jason and Dow about 6 PM after I arrived from FL. Dow wanted to go out for dinner, walk to a local restaurant but Jason decided he wanted "Chinese bring in." Dow and I have learned that it is better to call ahead and go and pick the food up. The food is great but the wait very long at the restaurant located about 2 blocks from the campus. After eating dinner in the family room on the ward, Jason decided he needed to do emails. Dow went back to Mologne House and I and Jason headed to the computer room. Jason went looking for a local eyeglass store that sold Oakley prescription frames and we found a couple not too far away. Jason cannot stand the reading glasses WR provided as prescription for him so he wants Oakley's. Then Jason spent the remainder of the time before Jodi's 9PM call reading "Sluggy FreeLance." It is a cartoon on the web. Do read it, hope you enjoy it, for me it shows the "generation gap" between Jason and I. Left me puzzled.


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