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Monday, January 09, 2006

A friend from Chicago visits

Today was a beautiful day in DC, around 60 degrees and sunny. Jason started his day with a shower and trip to PT for the usual exercises to release the right hip. In OT Jason was doing leg bends to strengthen his left and right legs. We got a second knife as we think the first knife went the way of a food tray. This one I marked with Jason's room and name, hopefully it would find its way back to his room if it goes missing. It has a very sharp curved blade and a thick handle and Jason appreciates it to cut meat with his disabled left wrist. Heidi continues to work with Jason getting him to standing position from the mat, working his way down to the height of the bed in Mologne House Hotel.

Jason missed the afternoon OT because I had brought his own laptop to his room to help me transfer pictures from the computer to a disk to send to the blog. Dow had put a bunch of programs for work etc on it to use while he was at WR. Jason could not believe the programs. His face was not a pretty sight "Don't take his blood pressure," I told the RN when she came in.

When Jason was talking to Jodi I went downstairs to have lunch and talk with another mother of a son who lost both legs to an IED. We shared our stories and our concern (she has been here 2 months and I, 3) for the difficulties families face in these most challenging circumstances; different values, different emotional needs, different spiritual needs, political views, and the demands "back home" whether they be work or family needs. All of these work against a family's strengths and ability to care for the wounded soldier and one another. The anger, often unacknowledged, at the situation "bounces," or is expressed in "uh, uh" ways. This energy needs to be recognized, accepted as normal (who wouldn't be angry at having a precious family member/friend injured?) and expressed in a productive way. Personally, I have always tried to use such anger as energy to work for change.

After lunch Jason was in another session of PT so I headed to the wonderful exercise track back of Mologne House. It is made of, I believe, recycled tires and is liking walking on air compared to the sidewalk. Here I met an Army Reservist who was injured in Afghanistan walking with his wife. We had shared across the hall apartments in the VIP quarters for a short while. It was good to have "walking partners" on such a beautiful day.

We walked about 45 minutes and I had to head back to Jason's room as I knew he was expecting a visitor, a good friend of Laurie's in Chicago, named Alison who is a teacher in the DC area. Shortly after I arrived, in comes Pete who was the Master at the Karate school Jason attended and under whom Jason studied for his black belt. Pete was all into Jason doing sword fighting again. He began to explain how Jason might get another prosthetic to do it! I thought, "Oh, man, What will prosthetics folks think now? First a wacking stick, then a boxing glove and now a Samuri sword handler!" Pete and Jason were having great conversation, so Alison and I headed out to do some chores as she has a car.

I think I will call it the "tour de parking lot." We first went to Mologne for the shopping list, lot #1, then on to safeway for food, lot #2 it was interesting actually under the store. Then on to Whole Foods and its lot #3 and finally WR and its underground lot #4. We picked up a wonderful dinner from the Thai restaraunt in Silver Spring and also Jamba Juice for Jason. We headed back and all four of us had dinner in the family room with Pete telling stories about his 8 week sojourn back to his family's homeland of Greece. We then all said "Goodbye"as time was quickly approaching for Jason's call from Jodi. When I got back to my room, I got a call from good friends I met on a month long retreat over 10 years ago; she is 84 and he is 98! They are Baptists and live in Lynchburg VA. They are married 60 years this week, now living in assisted living. Dot said be sure you tell Jason this poem, "Don't give up, Don't give up, Remember this: Moses started out as a basket case!" We closed by saying a prayer for Jason's healing. Good visits from old friends and new, a very blessed evening for Jason and I, blessings for you too.


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