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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jason in the News! See and Read Next Week!

Please let all your friends and family know! Spread the word to your prayer circles and groups as you have all been so wonderful in your support of Jason. Watch and read and "You can see Jason in action."

1. Jason will be in an article on shrapnel wounds in the Washington Post. Should be published next week and is written by Chris Davenport. (I do believe the reporter was after a picture of the shrapnel, an inch and half, which he called and asked me about because he thought I had it. :-)) The shrapnel shard came from the wound that broke Jason's left arm, now plated with extra bone "bridging" in it. Surgeons at WR found it.

2. Jason was interviewed by the CBS News for a series on "the state of the union" focusing on health care and costs for our veterans. He was with the camera crew for about 2 hours doing Activities of Daily Living-unloading a dish washer, making a bed, etc. and then moved to PT for the interview and shots with the MD in charge of Rehab. Kyla, his wonderful PT, refused to be interviewed "don't do interviews well." I thought she should have her "15 minutes of fame" that Andy Warhol talked about. :-) The producer for the segment is Mary E. Walsh. The program will be seen on the early evening news. I believe 5:30 EST, 6:30 CST on your local CBS affiliate.

Jason on the other hand told the WR public affairs officer that he "would do any and all interviews." Jason thought he did well, "Mom, I was in PR for 2 years." I think he did great. For those who want a look back Jason was interviewed in the San Francisco Chronicle in June 2005. A reporter was embedded with his platoon.

This afternoon, Jason's Dr. Aquila checked the final wound on his buttocks that was still being dressed. After 14 weeks it IS healed! no more dressing changes, even once a day! This was the wound with the Vac attached for so long. Thanks for your prayers for healing, remember the MD's talked of a skin graft for the area a while back.

Jason had another "drop in" celebrity visit. Patrice his friend from the Red Cross was also visiting. This time it was Brian Denahy who starred in "Death of Salesman" on Broadway in 1999. Jason and he immediately bonded because Jason and his dad had attended a performance of the play!! The USO sponsored the visit, so Jason has another Polaroid picture (to go with the USO Christmas trio and Fleetwood Mac) up on his bulletin board. Jason has really enjoyed all the visitors he has received. One of the women from USO was so very pleased with Jason's progress toward recovery. She had seen Jason shortly after his arrival, 14 weeks ago. I was bemoaning the fact that Jason would no longer get to meet the celebs as I am sure they don't make visits to Mologne where Jason moves early next week. I was thinking they should. Mologne has a schedule of activities...

Jason worked on finalizing his application to U of F then made plans to go out to dinner with Captain Jack and other soldiers from Ft. Stewart. I left him at 6 PM and headed to the room to "do laundry" and ponder how we would get everything in the room come Monday! I had taken over his uniform and boots to the hospital early in the day. We need to be up and about early on Friday to attend Col. Martha Turner's retirement ceremony at Bethesda after serving her country for 30 years. The medical university where she teaches ethics is located there. Patrice and I replaced the Lt bar with the Captain's bars on his baret. Jason is looking forward to going tomorrow, now I hope his evening outing...

Blessings everyone and please continue your prayers for healing for Jason; mind, body and spirit. Jason has stopped taking his dream suppressant drug and said, "My night was filled with dreams, so good, some not." Dream studies show that when we are dream deprived, we "make it up for lost dreaming time" when we are able to sleep. Jason has not had any dreams for three months.


Blogger Dennis said...

I find this entry fascinating and challenging! First, it is fascinating because our friend and hero Jason is being proudly featured in the mass media to represent the thousands of men and women who served our country at great sacrifice. Second, it is and will be challenging to locate these three references: in the Washington Post, on CBS News, and in the June 2005 issues of the San Francisco Chronicle. Of personal note, my wife Anne, daughter Amanda and her husband Chris, and I saw Brian Denahy one summer Sunday matinee in 1999 in NYC as well. How proud Jason should be to meet that great actor and to secure his treasured autograph! I must admit to being a bit envious. Way to go, Jason!
We are all so very proud of you.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 3:04:00 AM  

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