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Cpt. Jason Scott
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Mologne House Hotel #316
6900 Georgia Ave. NW
Washington DC 20307

Phone: 202 577 0092

Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday and "Time to Prepare to Move to Mologne"

Jason had reported that he was able to take a shower at Mologne on the weekend so the team has gone in to "high gear" to arrange his transfer to outpatient. As I had written last week the hold up is the provision of box springs to raise the height of Jason's bed. This purchase has been assigned to Mologne House. Dr. Aquila visited Jason early afternoon with the team and said that he would be visiting Mologne House today "to try to expedite the acquisition of the box springs." Jason will need help with his activities of daily living because of his amputated arm and locked hip with decreased mobility.

I had heard nothing from anyone about Med Hold so I headed over there to collect the paperwork for Jason to fill out. This is an official transfer from Ft. Stewart to WR and must take place consistent with Jason becoming an outpatient. It is for his accountability position while on this post and WR's accountability for the soldier. The officers were very nice and I collected the necessary forms. Jason was not too happy about being attached here. I think it must be a difficult way to "leave his unit" not as a Captain but as a patient in a hospital far away from his men.

I attended PT for a while this morning. I asked Kyla if I could help her with Jason's leg exercises and she used my help, no relief soldier for me today. I hope that I helped except Jason "yelped" when I pushed too hard on his left knee/thigh trying to keep him flat as Kyla stretched his right hip out and up. In OT this afternoon, Jason is still trying to use his prosthetic arm but it is not fitting correctly. I left Jason and the OT heading for Prosthetics to see if the Tech can help Jason get a better fit. This arm has been a difficult process.

After PT I returned to Jason's room. Jason and I worked on his Un of FL application finding we had some more "typing" to do. Found we had missed a section all together so it is back to the keyboard tomorrow. Jason finished reading his novel and gave up two hardbacks to the Mologne House Hotel's lending library. I left a little after 8 as Jason wanted to watch a movie "Unleashed"

Ministry today:
I was praying in the chapel and a woman joined me. The chaplains drape rosaries to give away on the baptismal fountain, today there were about 50 each of green and blue with the blue ones on the bottom. The woman struggled to get the rosary off and took a green one. She looked at me, "I wish I could get the blue one, blue is the color of Mary" I said, "Let me help you," and went to remove the green ones so she could take a blue rosary. "Thank you so much, you are kind. I will pray for you." "Please not for me, but for my son Jason a patient here." "I will."

One of the mothers has all kinds of family members visiting her son this week. I offered her Jason's bed in Mologne tonight and told her he is probably becoming outpatient this week. She was grateful for the bed even if it is just one night. Rest for the families. God bless and hold each one tenderly as the mothers, fathers, friends, and spouses provide care for their beloved wounded soldiers.

I had rented a car for the weekend. Enterprise gave me a ride back to Mologne. The driver had a Christian radio station playing and we began to talk of faith matters. He was very happy to share his journey and to encourage me to trust in the love of God through Jesus for myself and Jason. And so I do, and ask the God who creates us, sustains us and receives us to bless you and all your family and friends for being so kind and for your prayers for Jason's full and complete recovery.


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