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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What a Week This Will End Being, I think

What a day!
The Box Springs arrived at Mologne. The bed is now at least 12 inches higher so Jason should have no problem setting down on it or getting out of it. (The springs came to MHH from their storage. Thanks Dr. Aquila and social worker Grizzell Blessing for your persistence). Sgt Brown the liaison from Ft. Stewart and
Jason had a long discussion about his Purple Heart and its presentation. Jason has not yet received it. Jason's men and commander of the battalion are scheduled to visit this week. So Jason may receive his Purple Heart this week at a ceremony here. (I don't understand why they will not present his Bronze Star at the same time, but it is considered differently by the military.) Jason and Sgt also discussed his attachment to Med Hold and what that means for Jason's therapy, accountability etc. (I am glad I began the process as Jason's discharge to outpatient status is looming large on his horizon.) So this week has ceremony, therapy, soldier friends from Ft. Stewart and sister Lisa visiting on the weekend, and (for a little added excitement)...a move to Mologne House. Jason's day is a marathon already; add these activities and events and I think I will soon be 5 pounds lighter. I don't know how we all will make it through but I have a strong feeling that I will be very glad to see next Monday come and a new routine begin!

The day started in PT where I again helped Kyla, holding Jason's leg and then holding his hips down in turn as Kyla continues to exert pressure, stretch and move the hip in order that it might loosen. She too looks back and says it may have helped Jason's hip to start therapy earlier. However, like PT Aunt Barbara Scott, she was concerned because of the wound vacs, the extended hip injuries, the continuing surgeries, etc. Jason was in too much pain and discomfort for the PT's to move forward with therapy. Jason continues to work hard during his therapy sessions and enjoys being with the PT's and other amputee patients he has come to know.

I missed morning OT as I was working on returning phone calls, letters etc. I did find Jason in OT afternoon session working with his prosthetic. John and Jason had returned to the prosthetic center, a doorway away and the tech had tinkered with the sizing (John didn't know either how they did it). After the sizing John said the arm was working the best it had in weeks for Jason! Jason can now put the prosthetic on his arm using his left hand to do it. No little feat of learning. I did not see the tasks Jason was working on but the cones and an arch with rings were present. I assume Jason moved the rings along the arch using his prosthetic. While we were in OT Jason's commander and his wife, Justin and Courtney Colbert arrived for a visit. Another patient from Ft. Stewart, Chad Bronson arrived to visit. Jason skipped afternoon PT and visited till about 4PM. He and I then headed upstairs to his room for a change of clothes and preparation for the Colberts to take him and Chad out to dinner in Silver Spring. We took pictures and discussed the missing personal items that were "lost" along the way from Iraq to Jason here at WR. The army will try to find where/who are connected to the loss and find or pay replacement cost.

Late last week a person stopped by Jason's room and invited Jason to attend the State of the Union message this week. Jason was really excited to go. It is my understanding that a wounded veteran from each of the branches were to attend, four in all. Jason was very excited to go, in fact this is the "first outing I wanted to go on" he told us. The next day the invitation was rescinded, Jason does not know why but was very hurt. So am I. I don't know who/what intervened but this is certainly no way to treat a man who will receive the Purple Heart this week for his service to the United States of America. It makes me grind and nash my teeth and "If I were queen..."

I have found it very, very strange that the powers to be in this institution do not offer any scripture study/sharing as support for the family members at Mologne House or visitors to the hospital. Many of the family members I have spoken with have a strong faith that gives them strength and courage during this time of challenge/struggle/chaos in their emotional and spiritual lives. I approached Dr. W, head of Family Assistance today and told him of my experiences with family members. I encouraged him to speak to the Pastoral Care department and to provide such spiritual support. I offered to work with Pastoral Care in developing such scripture reflection time for family members and patients too if they desire. Religious rituals do not provide such time, and a personal visit to a chaplain is one on one isolated from the community of believers. Our faith does not exist only within or for ourselves only, in crisis it is sustained by those who journey with us in faith. Especially here at Walter Reed where grief and loss are strong for family members and friends, to know again the Presence of the Spirit Sophia who resides within the faith community could be a very strong affirmation of who we are as parents standing with our children in their suffering as the women stood with Jesus at the foot of the cross.

Blessings to each of you as you stand with us and Jason in your good thoughts and prayers for our strength and hope in the daily challenges of his healing.


Anonymous dorothy franks said...

Katy: I read daily about Jason and his progress. Your presence
there seems to be such a help to others. Out of something bad comes something good....and your presence there must be to minister
to other families. Keep trying to set up a support group for these families since God has you there for a reason. All of you are in our prayers. You do such a great job of writing, you need to write a book later that might help other mothers. Tell Jason that I heard from Spence Burnett and he's in the process of leaving the military. Dorothy Franks

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 5:55:00 AM  
Anonymous Nicholas M. Perrino said...

Hi Jason!

I just found out how you've been doing from Pete at the dojo. I'm an old Karate Club student (and president) if you don't quite remember.

Very nice photos on the site and glad to hear you're doing well.

All my best for a quick and speedy recovery.

Leslie Shaw (another former Karate Club president) and I are now in New York, so if you're in DC for awhile, we might be able to stop by and visit. Let us know.


PS - if this reply/post goes to Jason's mother, please pass the message along. I don't have Jason's direct contact. Thank you!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 10:17:00 PM  
Blogger Katy, Jason's mom said...

oJason said to send me an email and I will send you contact info.
His room will be #316 at 202 577 0092 in Mologne House He will move on Monday barring something not seen.

Thursday, January 26, 2006 9:37:00 PM  

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