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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Walker: Texas Ranger Does Walter Reed, Jason does Silver Spring and Second 5 Miles

Jason headed off to PT this morning and I planned to spend a quiet morning on chores. Ah, the best layed plans of mice and moms! Almost immediately I get a call from Jason, I don't make it to the phone to answer it. I know Jason called me so I call his cell, Jason doesn't answer. In a few minutes Jason calls me back, "Come quick, bring a camera, Chuck Norris is coming at nine."

I am sure you all watched Walker because soldiers and staff poured into PT to meet Chuck Norris and his wife Gena. Their entourage arrived about 9:30 AM and spent close to 2 hours talking with patients including Jason. Both were very open, Chuck to my question "Did you ever think you would reach such popularity?" He replied, "No, no way." Both Chuck and his wife were very concerned and and listened intently during their interactions with patients and staff. Chuck asked Jason to tell him the story of his injury and they reviewed together the "fact page." Jason shared that he had enjoyed Delta Force. Of course, everyone wanted pictures with CN and he willing obliged(I'll have some for the blog.)

A couple of notes:
A college student fan of CN started a web page: with "facts." The page has taken on a life of its own, CN was amazed at it. Jason had Kyla make a copy and then had me copy the first two page so CN could autograph which he did. His and Jason's favorite fact is "Chuck Norris has two speeds: walk and kill." Some of mine, "When the boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris" "Chuck Norris is the reason why Waldo is hiding" "Chuck Norris can slam a revolving door" to give you a taste. There is a way for you to add to the list which now covers pages.

I spent some time talking to CN's wife Gena who was in law enforcement at one part of her life. She has been married to Chuck for 9 years and I believe they have 7 children and 9 grandchildren in their blended family. Chuck is now 65, Jason says, "He looks forty" (kickboxing keeps one young). I want to share that Gena and Chuck have started a non-profit organization called, "Kickstart-Building strong moral character in our youth through the martial arts" is a program "that teaches the martial arts to students in Middle schools to raise their self-esteem and instill the discipline and respect needed for them to overcome any obstacle they may face in achieving their goals in life." You can find more info at, chucks web is I promised Gena that I would put the info on Jason's blog to let you all know of their goal to keep youth from the influence of gangs. If you would like to donate...mention Capt. Jason Scott at Walter Reed. Gena and Chuck we say, "Thanks for being so kind to Jason and all the soldiers you visited at Walter Reed today. May the work of your foundation be successful beyond your dreams."

I headed off to turn in Jason's claim for the DVD's lost in transit from Iraq to Jason and caught up with Jason and John in OT. John has been working Jason through the Activities of Daily Living which Jason must complete to achieve his therapy goals. Today's was very interesting. John poured liquids on the floor and Jason was to clean them up using a squeechie mop. Jason said, "My three favorite food groups: chocolate, ketchup and salsa!" I am sure you can imagine the mess. Jason took his time and did a really good job. In the meantime we talked about John selling his home and moving to Woodstock IL in April when he leaves the Army after 10 years. John had a bidding war on his home in DC, the market is really hot here and it sold in 3 days.

Today was another beautiful sunny, blue sky "springlike" day in DC. I asked Jason, "How about skipping your afternoon OT/PT sessions and take a walk to and back from Silver Spring?" Jason checked the movies and off we went to Silver Spring. We ate at Macaroni Grill (Jason's treat) and headed for the Majestic where we watched "Hoodwinked" (my treat) a very different telling of "Little Red Riding Hood." I think you could take kids of all ages to it. Jason's critique "the animation was not of the best quality." I liked the goat who had "horns for all occasions" reminded me of the prosthetics for the soldier amputees at WR. The "bad guy" will surprise you, it did me. Of course, Jason easily guessed "who done it."

After, Jason headed to Hollywood to see if they had any movies he would like to have. He bought: Transporter 2, Wedding Crashers and Lord of War. In the meantime I headed to Whole Foods for fruit and milk. Jason turned down a Jamba Juice, still full from lunch. We walked back to WR and arrived at Mologne about 6PM just as it was getting dark. Both of us had eaten so much for our late lunch neither of us felt like dinner so Jason took a shower and rested watching TV news and the story of Dick Cheney and the shooting incident.

May you have sunny days with family and friends. Please keep Jason's healing and his upcoming surgeries in your prayers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katy.thanks for sharing the news about Chuck Norris. What a wonderful Chrisian service he is doing. Glad Jason is still improving and know that our prayers are with you both.
Dorothy Franks

Thursday, February 16, 2006 6:52:00 AM  

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