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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jason Does "Dupont Circle" with Mom

First a couple of apologies are in order, I understand from one of Jason's fellow officers who has been reading the blog:

1. "I (katy) demote folks." My apologies to "full-bird" Colonel Grimsley, I understand that you are soon to be a General. I wrote about "Lt Colonel Grimsley" attending Jason's Purple Heart ceremony on Sunday. For some reason, I thought the Lt adds weight to the soldier's title and as Aide to Secretary D. Rumsfeld... I promise I won't call him a "Lt General." I am truly sorry and I hope I have not offended one of Jason's favorite superior officers.
2. I call WRAMC "a campus." It is not a campus but a "military post." Apologies to the "WR post." (That has me reacting to WR as akin to a "fence" post) I call WR a campus because I took my clinical pastoral education (CPE) at University of Loyola's Maywood campus outside of Chicago. It is a teaching hospital with lots of MD students and RN students. When I enter the physical WR, I have the same feeling as a lot of the staff are students-Medics (nursing) and MD's as are the nutritionists, some PT folks and some psychologists. So is Fr. Rich the chaplain (taking CPE) that visited with Jason. Haven't met any student social workers though now that I think about it.

Jason was up and at them this morning even as he told me, "I did not sleep last night except for about an hour and 1/2" First time this has happened as he said, "Didn't have any pain, no dreams, just didn't sleep." Jason worked hard in PT, trying different exercises to break up the scar tissue in his buttocks. He used the stair step bike machine with the aide of his IPOD. He had wanted to take the IPOD so he could use while working out on the machines. I had told him last night, "Jason leave a post it note on the bathroom mirror, works for me." So I posted one and it worked for this morning. I am sure it will only take a day or two before it is in his "morning PT" routine. After returning from PT Jason was ready to head out to Dupont Circle. He has visited the area with his Dad, Jodi, Lisa and now it was to be my turn. Jason likes the area because he loves the Thai food at the "Thai Chef" located on Connecticut Ave.

We arrived at Dupont Circle about 1:30 and found that it costs 25 cents a 1/4 hour. Whoa, higher than Chicago's meters and a pain because I would have to be running back to "feed the machine" Ugh. The weather was warm but becoming more cloudy as the day went on. We decided to go tot he shop where Jason ordered his prescription Oakleys as Jason now wants prescription sunglass Oakleys. Jason said that although his regular glasses do turn dark when he is outside; they are not dark enough as sunglasses for him. So Jason began to ask questions but the store assistant said he would have to call Oakley as many of the frames could not support the weight of Jason's prescription. Jason said, "Let's eat lunch while he tries to call Oakley."

My own glasses have needed an ear protector, a plastic sleeve that fits over the frame. I asked the gentleman if he might have something for my frames as I had been wearing the makeshift protector (actually a fancy bandaide given me by a MD) since shortly after my arrival at WR some five months ago. He said, "I think so, leave them here and I will try." So I thought this won't take long....famous last words of an optamist!

Off Jason and I go down the block to Jason's favorite restaurant and now for Thai food my own! I ordered fried rice with chicken and substituted crab for the shrimp. The fried rice meal also had pineapple, the enticement for me to order it. It was a wait but was made from scratch and very fresh and so tasty; the meal was definitely worth waiting for! I would give the meal "Five Stars!" and highly recommend the restaurant to you. For folks who know me, I am definitely not a food person; I want nutrious and healthy. I am usually into the decor and ambiance, with the food second. Not when I eat this meal, Jason as usual is right. The man has very good taste and when he likes something Jason is right on. He has the natural "instinct for class." Jason eats all of his Pad Thai with wide noodles, except the broccoli. I eat some of his broccoli and it has been cooked just right not overcooked as oftentimes it is served in restaurants.

Now the real adventure begins. We think Jason's eyeglass man should have been able to reach Oakley. No, it is not so. The man has put one plastic protector on my frames in between his many customers. He says, "I decided to put one on the other earpiece." So no glasses for me. We decide to go shopping for shoes as Jason had seen shoes by Keen on a fellow's feet when we went to the show on the weekend. Jason liked them so much he struck up a conversation with the owner of the feet on which the shoes fitted. The man purchased his shoes from REI on the web. Jason went back to the room and found that a store that carries them was located on Dupont Circle next to the Oakley eyeglass store. Talk about synchronocity... shoes, eyeglasses and restaurant all within a block of each other! Jason leads a very charmed life, filled with blessings. We will return to the eyeglasses later. Now off to the shoe store in search of Keen's. The shoes are a cross between sandals and will have to look for yourself, they are hard to explain but the man said, "Love mine, I wore them across Australia for six weeks!"

We walk to the store and look here and there, no Keen's as advertised on the web. We decide to ask before leaving, "Sure we have them, not at this store, try across the street at our other store!" I had to ask, "what did you do, rent another store because you couldn't expand?" "Yes," came the answer. So off we go merrily into the sunshine, cross the street no easy feat on a busy day. We arrive at the store and the salesman immediately responds to Jason's query. "Best shoes ever. I took mine on a cruise (just returned home). I could have left all my other pairs at home." He makes a funny expression, "But my wife wouldn't let me wear them to dinner." So I am glad he had taken a back-up pair for his wife's sanity. Jason decides he likes the green Boulders the best and purchases them.

I ask innocently, "Do you have a public ladies room?" "No, but I will take you to our store that has one, it is just up the street." My mouth falls open. "How many stores do you guys have in the neighborhood?" "We have FOUR all within about a block of each other" is his reply. So out we go into the sunshine, this time after a bathroom "in the same store, just a different building." Only in DC, I think of the duplication of resources...I think of monopoly... I think they must be making money and this way more folks are employed so"if it ain't broke, don't fix it." What an amazing "purchasing shoes adventure!" Could only happen to Jason, he always has been a "most interesting child."

Jason decides he needs a Starbucks, conveniently located between us and the eyeglass store. Jason gets a tall one and I a small one and we continue up the street. Once more we return to the eyeglass store where the very nice man still has not finished my earpieces and has not been able to get to Oakley. He promises Jason he will let him know if he can not put the prescription into the frame Jason has chosen. Jason decides to take his latte and sit in the car as I know the time has run out on us again, after my second placating of the quarter thief.. We must hurry as we must move the car by 4 PM as the road then turns into 3 lanes going North. The kind salesman takes his time with a another customer and I am very happy that Jason has his cell phone so he and Jodi can text message each other and thus keep Jason's blood pressure from rising. I enter into a conversation bout the weather in Chicago with another customer who has also been waiting. Finally it is my turn, yes, and I retrieve my glasses and sprint out the door!

We head in one direction get lost because I try to take a short cut but eventually arrive at WR able to go into the back gate for the first time. The back gate is very close to Mologne House. I drop Jason off as he says "I am going to take a nap." I head for Silver Spring and my favorite store-the hardware because the hyacinth blooms are falling over, too heavy. They add a wonderful fragrance to the room. I love them. I purchase a salad from Whole Foods for dinner; Jason took a pass, too full from lunch. When I return Jason is asleep so I head for the fitness connection to walk the "dreaded tread mill" for 30 minutes, lift weights and do crunches. When I return, it is time for Law and Order.

Many blessings to you all. May you enjoy the surprises of your day and rejoice in the blessings of life.
Rest well pleasant dreams.


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