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Friday, March 24, 2006

Time to see "Thank You for Smoking"

Jason was up and at them regular time and headed for PT. I stayed in the room to see if Lisa would give us a call to meet her. The maid came and cleaned and changed the linens. I spent an quiet hour in prayer, scripture reflection and journaling. It was a nice morning. At 11:30 Jason returned with Lisa leading the way. Ron had dropped Lisa off at the hospital and as she knows Jason's schedule she headed to PT to meet him. She says, "Jason was walking backwards on the treadmill and balancing on a board."

After coming to the room the next two hours were spent on "trying to decide 'What are we going to do this weekend??" We read the Theatre reviews, DC event news, movie reviews leaving Jason as the final arbiter. Jason decided that he would like to see "Thank You for Smoking" as he is reading the book. We headed for Silver Spring and lunch at The Macaroni Grill. Jason had a pasta and chicken Marsala dish, Lisa and I shared an appetizer platter of bruishetta and calimara. We also shared a chicken salad. The lunch conversation: discussion of Jason's desire to explore a position with a major league football team in the management office after he completes his MBA.

After lunch we headed to the AFI (American Film Institute). It is a wonderful Art Deco Theatre which has been restored to its former elegance. The audience at 3:30 in the afternoon was about 10 persons. We all enjoyed Thank You for Smoking and recommend it "Two thumbs up from Scott and Ryan" is their response. After the show we decided we needed a dessert; Lisa and Jason headed for Starbucks for a coffee with white chocolate. I tried Ben and Jerry's but could not bring myself to spend $5 on an ice cream cone; I do remember when it was 25 cents a scoop.

This evening we attended The Boston Marriage "a campy faux-Victorian comedy of manners written by-- of all people--David Marmet..." When Jason heard Marmet's name he said, "Let's go" as he really likes him as a playwrite. From the review "...curtains slammed (don't tell me it can't happen--I saw it.)" and I agree! It was hilarious and repartee so quick I couldn't follow! Body lanquage was perfect and the Irish maid over the top.


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