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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Give Jason a Call: See if He's up to a Visit

Dow was up early and headed over to be with Jason as he is returning to Chicago today. I spent the morning doing chores including attempting to be reimbursed for the expenses. The USA reimburses the non-medical attendant $61 a day for expenses. However, they recently changed the process and I, not too swift in paperwork department, haven't yet been reimbursed for March or April. I thought I had the correct form today, but Finance said, "Casualty Office didn't fill out correctly." Sigh, I always figure walking around the post is a good exercise program. The weather was wonderful spring, so I didn't mind except, "Have to come back tomorrow, we close at noon."

Jason's pain medicines were changed today, Dr. Go apologized for Jason's pain. Jason is on oxycodone (every 4 hours) and ibuprofen (3x's a day). Jason said, "Pain is about 3" when asked by the RN. The meds get Jason to say, "I'm not tracking too well." He said he felt pretty good overall. Jason enjoyed the visit with his dad and Dow will try to come back on Memorial Day weekend. Jason did not do a floor circuit with me, but had done a couple earlier in the day with his dad. He moves very slow and does not talk while he walks, "Too uncomfortable."

I was present when Dr. G changed the dressing and checked the "zipper" incision on Jason's lower belly. It is somewhat red and swollen so Dr. G poked and prodded and said, "If it is like this tomorrow I will take out a couple of staples and see if there is pus underneath." Yech is my response. Jason has a row (zipper) of really close together staples, reminded me of Gade's skull surgery. Jason was not warm like he was yesterday so...we will hope and pray for the best, no infections.

I watched as Dr. G changed the dressing on Jason's stoma. Jason really winced when Dr. G pulled out the wet dressing and replaced it. The stoma opening is about the size of a 1/2 dollar, larger then I had imagined it would be. Dr. G said, "It is looking really good. If this continues I think I will close it with a couple of stitches." Good news for Jason(and for me). Each day is change the dressings twice and check on the healing of the tissue. Jason will be released to Mologne when he is comfortable walking; this surgery aftermath is painful and has taken its toll on Jason. With the length of the belly incision I can see why the Doc says, "Be aware of hernia possibility."

After I headed to Silver Spring to bring back some cooked chicken, cajun spicedd for Jason and a salad for me. When I came back Jason was watching the Simpsons. We tried to watch "Corpse Bride" but it was stuck and Jason' was zoning out from the meds. We watched the Daily Show and the Colbert report and it was time for Jodi's call and I left to go to Mologne.

I met a sister of a soldier patient. The patient is 40 years of age and a Baptist chaplain from Iraq. She has Stage IV cancer and is at WR for treatment. "The surgeons removed a volleyball size tumor from her belly and left three." The patient's siblings are taking a week each and rotating through the month. I will try to visit this week as her family is not coming into till Friday, I believe. Robyn has written an article for their local paper, The Independent Traveler Watchman entitled: Cancer is Killing our Troops in Iraq. The issue is dated April 19 and the web page is: Robyn said ther is another column written by her but is found only on line. I believe she interviewed some other soldiers from her sisters unit.

Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB.
I had mentioned meeting Sr. Joan on the way to Floriday. If you go to, you will read that her encounter with me begins a reflection concerning the impact of war on the American and Iraqi society. I am glad that I sparked her thoughts and grateful as always for her wisdom.

Let us hold each other tenderly in thought and prayer and continue to work and pray for peace. Let us find our voices and speak our truth to community.


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