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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Jason's Memorial Day Weekend

Jason had headed to Chicago on Thursday. From his report of weekend activities:
  • Chris Moore and Jason stayed in a bar till 5 AM on Monday morning. (I did not know that Chicago has rolling closings and some bars are open that late.) He flew out later in the day to return to DC.
  • Jason spent most of his time relating to me two movies that he saw while in Chicago. One was the X-men that he said had the best special effects ever. Especially a character named Cat(?) who could freeze persons in solid walls, etc. She could pass through them, that was her power. A good versus evil story. Another movie set as an Australian cowboy called the Proposition was very powerful for Jason. It was a movie of revenge and eventual redemption for the characters. Although very violent, he thought it was well worth experiencing the story. I believe Jason said the director was Popinsish (?) who sounds like a minimalist with no music, etc. Jason likes his work.
  • Dow's BBQ at our apartment went well. Jason's friends were joined by friend Dennis Morjada who has visited Jason at WR twice.
  • Jason has become highly allergic to the bonding in any of the medical tapes or patches. When I changed the patch last evening, his flesh had been torn away when tape had been removed in Chicago. My heart sank. I don't think there are many options left for bandaging his wounds. He ssaid he is thinking of visiting the clinic on Wednesday. Thanks be to God the wounds are almost healed.
  • Jason came back highly energized and looking ahead to leaving WR on his con leave. Jason has made arrangements for Jodi and he to fly to Chicago to attend a Jimmy Buffett concert in Wisconsin the second weekend of June. I plan on being there unpacking and unwinding while Dow attends our daughter Lisa's 39th birthday weekend in Tampa and our granddaughter Ellie's (age 5) second dance recital.
Let us be thankful for all the good memories Jason made this past weekend with friends and his dad. Let us continue to pray for Jason's complete healing that he might soon join Jodi on con leave. Thank you for your kindness. I hope that all of your "opening summer weekends" were filled with fun and good times. And with memories of those who have gone before us. Blessings this summer.


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