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The latest news on the recover of Jason after his injury in Iraq by an IED.


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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wednesday: Quote of the Day "FANTASTIC," Dr. Scott Golarz

Neither Jason nor I could fall asleep. Neither of us could say why. Jason said he had only a couple of hours of sleep. Psychic energy was just bouncing around our spirits and not letting us rest. It has been a number of months since I struggled to fall asleep in this manner. So when I awoke Jason to go to PT and his check in with Dr. Golarz he said, "Couldn't sleep, let me get a couple of hours" so I did. I woke him about 10 AM and he worked on installing his game got dressed and we walked over to the Wednesday Surgery Clinic. We did not have an appointment, not sure they keep their schedule that way so Jason read his latest book, "See No Evil." I read the newspapers to catch up on the latest shenanigans in politics and American life. I have come to like USA Today while I have been here and receive it free thanks to Mologne House.

Toward noon Jason was called in by Dr. Golarz and asked, "Going to Chicago for the weekend; can I get you anything?" Dr. G said, "Glad you're going, let's take a look at the wound." I told Dr. G about Jason's growing sensitivity to the glue in the "band aid" placed over the gauze patch. "We can fix that." Dr. G removed the wound dressing and exclaimed, "Fantastic!" his very favorite word for all the times he has checked Jason's wounds these last 7 months. Jason asked about a date for his 30 day con leave? "Come and see me in two weeks, I will be better able to tell you then." Instead of a gauze sticky Jason now has a gauze patch over the wound dressings and it is held in place by two strips of surgical tape. Let's hope this doesn't become a skin irritant for Jason. Dr. Golarz informed us that he would do his vascular specialty fellowship at Dallas Texas in a year, "Go Cowboys." I am sure that will become his mantra.

After we headed to Panera Bread so Jason could get his sandwich and return videos to Hollywood video. Jason worked on installing his game and began to play while I did a few chores around the room. Captain Fran has had no one staying with her since last weekend when her Aunt left. Chaplain Cpt. Fran and I had been playing telephone tag and I caught her in her room. "Katy, I will be moved today from my room. My family has asked for a suite so they can cook for me while they are here. I am exhausted from packing." I said, "I'll come right down." I arrived at her room and helped Fran by packing up a dresser full of canned goods that her family had purchased. Fran looked good but I could tell she was very tired and had no energy. We talked for a while and I left to go to Quixote for liturgy and dinner. I worry about Fran when I leave. Who will take care of her when her family is unable to be with her? I encouraged her to call Med Hold Company and ask for any help she might need. She said the chaplains had been very supportive of her when she first arrived but long term...Sigh, her experience re-confirms my position that Mologne House is the "8th floor of WR" and should provide all the support found in the actual hospital itself. If Fran's treatment goes well and she gains energy, I propose she become the chaplain for Mologne and Fisher Homes. A beautiful, gentle, loving spirit, such a treasure for the community of believers of the Christian faith.

At Quixote we prayed for Fran and all the soldiers. We prayed for all the soldiers who have died especially Alex and his family. It was such a blessing to be immersed into the Presence of Godde and the personal peace attending liturgy at Quixote brings my own spirit. May God provide you with gentle, loving, wise women and men to be with you on your journey of life. Please hold in your thoughts and prayers Jason's continual healing. Please imagine myself finding the right position when I return to Chicago shortly and begin my job search after taking some reflection and re-creation time for myself.


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