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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Jason Plans to Celebrate Memorial Day

We woke up at 4:30 this morning so that I might take Jason to Reagan National and send him on his way to Chicago. His dad was to visit Jason in DC this Memorial weekend. Dow said, "I really don't want to come to DC, how about you coming home?" Jason checked the plane fares and thanks to the travel fund, to which so many of you have contributed so generously, was able to say, "Got a good ticket price; I'll visit."

Jason has plans to visit with his friends and attend a concert, visit a new bar in Chicago, see the premier of the X-Men (I believe) and be the honored guest at a BBQ on Sunday hosted by his dad at our condo in Rogers Park. May Jason have a most wonderful time away in Chicago, making good memories.

I spent an hour this morning helping Chaplain Fran unpack in her new room. She obviously couldn't wait and had put away all her clothes and personal items. She was laying on the bed "resting" as I told her "too much PT" for you this morning! We sorted out many canned goods and sent to the Mologne "garage table" for others to use. It has a very nice mini kitchen which I am sure her family will put to good use when they visit. I didn't see any cooking utensils so a trip to the PX will be in order to buy the basic pots. It would be nice if Mologne House volunteers could keep the kitchens supplied with pots, etc. Fran's brother will come tomorrow for the holiday weekend. Blessings on them both. I learned if I have to do any packing I will definitely do it in "manageable junks of time and effort."

While Jason is away I will visit Jonah House in Baltimore returning on Monday to attend a memorial for Lt. Ken Ballard at Arlington National Cemetary to which I have been invited by his mother Karen. Jonah House has goats and a llama and a garden. I plan to pray and to rest among friends whose lives are Ministry of Peacemaking in the Roman Catholic tradition of non-violence and justice seeking. I am looking forward to this Sacred time and being in Sacred space found in the city. Such Places of Peace can be found where ever we live, we need to seek them out.

May your activities this weekend be filled with fun, laughter, friends and family as we celebrate Memorial Day and the "opening of summer." We are expecting rain showers in the Washington/Baltimore corridor pretty much all of the weekend.


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