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Friday, November 18, 2005

Update 11/18/05

Hello to all,
Sadly, we had to say "Goodbye" to Jason's aunts Barbara and Nancy (who promise to write a blog report when Joe shows them how ASAP) as they return to Idaho on an 8AM flight on Sat. Jason says he really enjoys all his Scott aunts and hopes that they can visit again. Barbara (PT) gave us the assignment of getting a regular chair big enough so Jason can sit in his room and eat, watch TV etc. He will need cushions etc for the bottom wounds.

Jason got good news, his lower digestive track is looking as if it is healing well. How to meet a MD for an appointment? This is the second time this has happened: We are pushing Jason down the hall from one therapy/task to another and someone spots him in the hall. "Oh, good, we've been looking for you. Come to x-ray, right now, we need to do one on your left arm." And she wheels Jason off to xray. (We had heard the rumor that they were going to check Jason's arm and the cast may come off after Thanksgiving.) Young men heal fast (with good MD's and lots of love and your prayers)

MD's, Jason's favorite surgeon, Dr. Golarz from Chicago (actually NW Medical school) came in with his interns and removed some stiches saying, "Look at this one, this is great-mine Look at this one, uh, uh Drew's" inferring that Dr's G are better than Dr. D's. So this is the conversation you hear when MD's remove stitches from your bottom. Thought you would want to know. They didn't remove them all the stitches, lots more healing to do. Saying that the butt vac would probably come off in another two weeks. The MD's advise that Jason have no MRI's for 10 years. MRI's are magnets and Jason has a lot of shrapnel in him. The MD's say that it will slowly work its way to the surface and out! I have picked a piece out of his face already. I am sure that you all have heard buckshot stories-same thing except these pieces may contain germs that can colonize a year from now (happened to a patient we met) Did find some fatty bottom tissue that had died so Dr. G will check the wound again on the weekend.

Jason is busy watching the series Rescue Me, his dad left thought it a bit much. I left the room when Jodi his girlfriend called and with the new headset, I have lost my job as phone holder and dismissed with "Check back in 30 minutes." A box of items that I had sent to Iraq showed up here, the FOB sent it to Walter Reed, we'll check it out and see what we sent...seems like a million years ago now. Thanks again for all your prayers and kindnesses. Please keep Jason's complete recovery in your prayers, including no infections-flu season is coming, the healing of his vision and new dreams for him.


Blogger Dennis said...

Jason, Katy, Dow, and Lisa, etc.

We understand how sad it was to see Barbara and Nancy leave. They impressed us with their energy, optimism, and genuine love for Jason. How great that many prayers are being answered: eyesight in one eye, the healing of the lower digestive track, the soon-to-go arm cast, etc. Our kitchen calendar has a Bible verse for each month. November, being the month of thanksgiving, offers 1 Thessalonians 5:18, but I am expanding it to include verses 16 and 17. In my favorite translation, the New Jerusalem, it reads: "always be joyful; pray constantly; and for all things give thanks; this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus." This is my prayer and thought for your whole family during this Thanksgiving week ahead.

Now, a practical question: which is the best address for Jason's mail? Katy and Dow's apartment OR Jason's room. Many of us need clarification, please. Would you give out the address to all who check this blogsite? Thanks.

Saturday, November 19, 2005 9:29:00 AM  

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